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Wasn't there a plotline almost exactly along these lines on This Life?
Bloke gets tradesman round to fix the boiler, tradesman and bloke hit it off and become a couple, sort of. I didn't really watch 'This Life' with any degree of assiduity.
(, Tue 14 Nov 2017, 14:13, archived)
Yes but that was sheer good luck
I'm actually able to select my tradesman of choice from a picture. I've not even bothered looking at the certificates, or even price.

This is shameful superficiality.
(, Tue 14 Nov 2017, 14:17, archived)
Hell, I routinely queue at whichever checkout has the fittest checkout person.
For a while there was a guy at the checkouts of one of my local supermarkets who looked exactly like M. Pokora, tattoos and all.
(, Tue 14 Nov 2017, 14:22, archived)
"So, Mr Dead, why has your house blown up?"
"well, Mr Aviva, the gas repair man was really cute!"
(, Tue 14 Nov 2017, 14:42, archived)
OK, now I have "Eddie! It's the GAS MAN!" in my head.

(, Tue 14 Nov 2017, 14:53, archived)
and a roll of gaffer tape in your arse pocket?

(, Tue 14 Nov 2017, 15:17, archived)
I never leave home without it.

(, Tue 14 Nov 2017, 15:24, archived)