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why do people do that?
you've seen the house, you're buying it, why do the parents need to see it?
(, Tue 5 Dec 2017, 11:35, archived)
I know, I don't get it
If my mum said she wanted to see it, I'd tell her she can see it when we move in. What's the rush?
(, Tue 5 Dec 2017, 11:36, archived)

(, Tue 5 Dec 2017, 11:39, archived)
some people are right fucken helmits

(, Tue 5 Dec 2017, 11:36, archived)
I'm imaging a couple of tyre-kickers, coming in a checking every little dark corner for structural issues

(, Tue 5 Dec 2017, 11:38, archived)
I bet they gang rape you

(, Tue 5 Dec 2017, 11:42, archived)
Hey, I'll take two at a time if it helps

(, Tue 5 Dec 2017, 11:43, archived)
As the parents clearly think the kids are stupid
And before they spend the money they have given them they have to check that their stupid kids are not buying a lemon
(, Tue 5 Dec 2017, 11:38, archived)
oh, don't say that
I'm worried enough as it is
(, Tue 5 Dec 2017, 11:38, archived)
I mean, there's nothing wrong with the place, so it should be fine
but then some of the cunts that came to look at it gave ridiculous reasons for not buying it. See Rich's helmit-related comment above.
(, Tue 5 Dec 2017, 11:39, archived)
I'm sure you are absolutely in the clear
But the parents want to make sure it isn't a boot on the slip of a dual carriageway. As their kids are probably fucking stupid
(, Tue 5 Dec 2017, 11:42, archived)
The upstairs is the wrong size. Stop lying to people

(, Tue 5 Dec 2017, 12:18, archived)
I hope that doesn't come up in the survey :(

(, Tue 5 Dec 2017, 12:23, archived)
then the parents should have been there from day one
not suddenly decide to look now
(, Tue 5 Dec 2017, 11:41, archived)
In my experience, as long as the woman has her heart set on it
The only way this could be derailed is if Two Hats turns on the charm
(, Tue 5 Dec 2017, 11:46, archived)
I wish my brother had done this
he bought a house, did all the checks himself because he knew what he was doing "as the son of a builder".

Only showed our Dad after he'd signed the mortgage. The old man spotted the horrendous subsidence before he'd even walked up the driveway.
(, Tue 5 Dec 2017, 12:22, archived)