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the lodger is moving out. Lodgeress? Ladylodger? Anyway, she's going.
(, Wed 6 Dec 2017, 9:06, archived)
tired of being branded a faghag?

(, Wed 6 Dec 2017, 9:13, archived)
Our place is spacious for 3 of us
but her boyfriend was staying over a lot and it was starting to get on everyone's nerves.

Quite pleased it's over while we all still get on.
(, Wed 6 Dec 2017, 9:20, archived)
can I move in for a while?
just until I get myself sorted
(, Wed 6 Dec 2017, 9:24, archived)
what needs sorting?

(, Wed 6 Dec 2017, 9:32, archived)
cheers m8
I'll fill you in on all the details once I've moved my stuff in
(, Wed 6 Dec 2017, 9:41, archived)
fair enough
just make a space in the bed next to the grumpy Brazilian lady. Her boyfriend says she snores, mind you, he can tell you himself - he spends half his time there.

Watch the stairs, they're slippery and if you need to get rid of any bodies don't use the patio - there's no more room under the slabs.
(, Wed 6 Dec 2017, 9:46, archived)
I'll add you to the whasapp group
so you can enjoy my partner's passive aggressive statements about cleaning rotas and suchlike
(, Wed 6 Dec 2017, 9:48, archived)
(, Wed 6 Dec 2017, 9:28, archived)

Yo lodgo
Tu Lodges
Ella lodge
Nosotro lodgomos
Vosotros lodgeis
Usedes lodgen
(, Wed 6 Dec 2017, 10:08, archived)
I can't imagine having to share my house with a fucking weirdo.

(, Wed 6 Dec 2017, 9:30, archived)
Lady Pig knows all about it, though!

(, Wed 6 Dec 2017, 9:32, archived)

(, Wed 6 Dec 2017, 9:48, archived)