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Everyday is spoons day

(, Mon 5 Feb 2018, 16:16, archived)
I have no problem with spoons at all
No shit music, no live sports and cheap as shit.

Plus some of them are in amazing buildings like the Crosse Keys in the City or the Knights Templar in town.
(, Mon 5 Feb 2018, 16:48, archived)
The thing that's put me off of them
Is the ones in pompey tend to attract some pretty unpleasant people. Every time I've ever been in one, something kicks off.
(, Mon 5 Feb 2018, 16:49, archived)
The one in Barking is *spectacular*
A large majority of them is on crutches. Every time I'd go in.
(, Mon 5 Feb 2018, 16:51, archived)
I end up chatting to some right nutters, I enjoy it

(, Mon 5 Feb 2018, 16:53, archived)
Me too, last time my brother was chatting away to a bloke whose full time occupation was smuggling fags and booze over from France

(, Mon 5 Feb 2018, 16:54, archived)
My mate Jim says our local one is like the pub in star wars , full of aliens

(, Mon 5 Feb 2018, 17:01, archived)
The one in Leighton Buzzard is a complete no-go according to my brother and he loves a rough old boozer
That one's full of kids on cheap drugs looking for bother
(, Mon 5 Feb 2018, 17:02, archived)
Did you know that each Spoons has its own, individually designed carpet?

(, Mon 5 Feb 2018, 17:06, archived)
I did not sir

(, Mon 5 Feb 2018, 18:13, archived)
^rug fancier

(, Mon 5 Feb 2018, 18:21, archived)