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Thank you, slim-fit kettles are very much 'in' this season.

(, Tue 6 Feb 2018, 14:35, archived)
+my bottom

(, Tue 6 Feb 2018, 14:40, archived)
You bring the body and I'll bring the steam.

(, Tue 6 Feb 2018, 14:41, archived)
The elegant limescale down the front lends it a distressed appearance
reminiscent of the House of Dior in their appliances phase. The delightful detailing of a dried baked bean under the on/off switch and a smear of Bombay Badboy PotNoodle juice on the spout is what marks this seson's look stand out.
(, Tue 6 Feb 2018, 14:48, archived)
I heard you love a bad boy on your spout.

(, Tue 6 Feb 2018, 15:03, archived)
It's the neo-trash collection, dahling.
On the subject of bad taste, my local cat shelter is selling tote bags with a motif of Cat Lagerfeld.
(, Tue 6 Feb 2018, 15:04, archived)