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I've been blowing Newkie Brown Ale out of my nose all day, if that counts

(, Tue 6 Feb 2018, 19:30, archived)
All booked for my trip, dunno if I'll do the camp , I think it'll fuck me up

(, Tue 6 Feb 2018, 20:08, archived)
Is there a bar? It doesn't mention a bar

(, Tue 6 Feb 2018, 20:13, archived)
There is a bar at the bottom of the salt mines

(, Tue 6 Feb 2018, 21:19, archived)
it's pretty harrowing
especially the massive piles of hair and shoes. Krakow's good for a cheap pint though.
(, Tue 6 Feb 2018, 20:14, archived)
Well finally we know poland had nothing to do with it by law , took a while

(, Tue 6 Feb 2018, 20:16, archived)