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alright Ferris Bueller

(, Thu 8 Feb 2018, 9:52, archived)
I've never seen that.

(, Thu 8 Feb 2018, 9:53, archived)
at least you "get it"

(, Thu 8 Feb 2018, 9:55, archived)
I don't think I do, not having seen it and that,
but I am aware that Ferris Bueller is the name of a character from a film, in which he allegedly has a big day out.
(, Thu 8 Feb 2018, 9:56, archived)
I tried to watch it once but didn't get very far.
Then read the plot on Wikipedia and it made me want to watch it even fewer.
(, Thu 8 Feb 2018, 10:43, archived)
I tried to watch it once as well, it was fucking bollocks

(, Thu 8 Feb 2018, 10:45, archived)
I think the trick is to watch it when you're a teenager,
so that the escapist fantasy seems relevant to your life at the time.
(, Thu 8 Feb 2018, 10:48, archived)

(, Thu 8 Feb 2018, 10:53, archived)
Like the Breakfast Club.
That seems like bollocks now but it was acceptable in the eighties.
(, Thu 8 Feb 2018, 11:36, archived)
now it's a euphemism for childcare provided at schools, staffed by school leavers of no fixed ability

(, Thu 8 Feb 2018, 12:02, archived)
Kind of like paedophilia then, got it

(, Thu 8 Feb 2018, 12:40, archived)