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did you read that part about when
in January, on a beach, about 180km from Perth, Australia, the now oldest message in a bottle was discovered?

The message in the bottle is not at all romantic. It simply states when and where the bottle was thrown overboard (32 49 South, 105 25 East), the name of the ship, its home port of Elsfleth near Bremen in Germany and details of its voyage. The finder was asked to write the details of where it was found on the back of the message and send it to the German Naval Observatory in Hamburg.

The German experiment of getting ships to drop messages in bottles into the sea lasted from 1864 to 1933. It's thought that the 662 messages recovered were about 9% of those thrown overboard. Before this latest discovery, the last one known to have been found was in 1934.
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That's genuinely interesting

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I like that they sent the message back to Germany, and put the empty gin bottle in a museum.
More museums should feature rubbish collected from beaches.
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