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» Little Victories

My brother and I
... got into a fight when we were both kids. One day, I mentioned that I didn't like the new techno-fied Henry's Cat theme (both intro and credits) and wished they would bring the old one back. He said "There is no old theme; it's always been that.." which wasn't true. I argued that there was an older theme but couldn't remember the tune to hum it. He used his brute strength to beat me into submission and make me say there was no old theme. Then one day, several years later after the advent of the internet, I found midi files on an angelfire (or maybe it was geocities) blog that had the old and new themes on it. I emailed them to him but I never heard back from him. Either:

a) He couldn't remember the argument in the first place
b) He collapsed in a hysterical fit of embarrassment and regret (I think this is what happened....)
c) He remembers and just thinks I'm really sad

In the true spirit of the QOTW, it made life a TINY bit better when I sent the email...
(Thu 10th Feb 2011, 13:45, More)

» Heroes and villains of 2011

It's one of my favourite Beach Boys songs
But I like "Sloop John B" better.

Heroes: The Japanese for showing the world how shit gets done in a real pinch.

People that were nice to other people and contributed to making the world a better place, ensuring that evolution remains on an upward trend.

Kim Jong Il for putting North Korea back in the news again and reminding all of us to be grateful for what we have and for showing us how not to treat our fellow man

Twitter. A brilliant and fantastic tool for so many things.

.. and that's it. Heroes are the only ones really worth mentioning. Villains can only serve to teach us who and what not to be and to help us grow as individuals. More hero stories, everyone!
(Fri 30th Dec 2011, 12:31, More)

» Drunk Parents

Not my parents, but my uncles
who are identical twins, travelled down south to our house one night for an engagement party they had in the area. After they'd both come home and gone to bed at about 3am, one of my uncles got lost on the way to the toilet and decided my sister's wardrobe would do instead. The other uncle pissed all over the keyboard and mouse in the office - presumably missing the pile of clothes on the floor he was aiming for. I got up the next day to finish a resume I was doing and discovered the other meaning to "sticky keys".

We keep a closer eye on them both these days.
(Thu 24th Feb 2011, 23:20, More)

» Exposed!

I only ever seem to have relevant QOTW stories when they concern my dirty exploits!
I used to give myself long and drawn out hand relief over open stretches of road when I drove long distances quite a lot, some time ago. I guess that qualifies as being 'in public'.

Being able to shift the burden of acceleration on to the cruise control in my car meant that orgasms were a lot more comfortable and the resultant mess considerably easier to clean up after than when I owned a 4x4.

Perhaps deliberately confusing public nudity with public depravity but what the hell.
(Mon 12th Aug 2013, 12:08, More)

» Books

Autobiography of a Yogi - by Paramahansa Yogananda
The best book I've ever read. His literary flow and amazing story telling abilities had me captivated from start to finish, and English isn't even his native tongue. I learned a lot just from reading this book and it compelled me to search out other spiritual texts, quite a few of which have been of immense benefit to me since reading them.

Also, just recently, I finished "The Last Barrier" by Reshad Feild. This book gives a fascinating insight into the vastly unknown and misunderstood world of sufi teachings.

I've just ordered two books by Roy Eugene Davis, also, that are on their way through the post. I've actually never been so active, reading wise, for years!

I like The Hobbit, too.
(Thu 5th Jan 2012, 14:35, More)
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