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Note that this setting doesn't affect the front-page (for performance reasons) or a few older pages.

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Filters out most swearing from /board/ and /talk/ (but not other parts of the site.) Don't enable this unless absolutely necessary, as it will also edit image and link addresses.

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No Yes (Click to read more about navkeys)
Needs javascript.

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No Yes

All your own posts will be highlighted in one shade, and any new posts since your last refresh in another, to help you find them more easily.
May not work in older browsers.

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Needs javascript. Firefox users must be running at least v1.5.

Live preview?
No Yes

Needs javascript.

Use custom CSS in other users' profiles?
No Yes

You can over-ride this for individual users by adding &css=y or &css=n to the end of the URL for their profile.

Fix link targets?
No, leave things just the way they are.
Yes! B3ta links should always open in the same window, external links in a new one.
Yes! Make everything open in the same window.

Needs javascript.

Share what you like?
No Yes

Lets everyone see what posts you liked. Defaults to No.

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