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The crass celebrity cash-in computer game isn't a modern invention. Here's 10 Spectrum titles from the 1980s that are just as crap as say Mary-Kate & Ashley Sweet 16 Licensed To Drive.

But we're not giving points for the crapness of the games, but on how much amusement we've gained from looking at poor attempts to draw famous people using the limited graphics abilities of a 25 year old home computer.

#1 Shakin' Stevens

#2 Jimmy Nail

#3 Bob Monkhouse

#4 Sabrina

#5 Roger Moore

#6 Bruce Forsyth

#7 Gary Lineker

#8 Indiana Jones

#9 Magic Johnson

#10 Stuart Henry

Runners up!

Props to http://www.worldofspectrum.org/ - where I spent an enjoyable afternoon sifting their database for gems.

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