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Best of the Board
"Would you like me to play with the pearl?"

(Q4nobody, Thu 15 Apr, 12:31, 5 replies)
Sacked on his first day for eating the fruit.

(Octo, Tue 13 Apr, 16:59, 1 replies)

(Dr.Dunno, Tue 13 Apr, 0:24, 3 replies)
"Going to the Spoons" by LS Lowry
Click for bigger (598 kb)
(Dr.Dunno, Mon 12 Apr, 17:01, 0 replies)

(Andy_R, Mon 12 Apr, 12:45, 4 replies)
Valuable Real Estate to rent out for Video Games

(RenegadeMaster, Sun 11 Apr, 14:42, 4 replies)
She is available now!!!
Click for bigger (135 kb)
(killa1980, Fri 9 Apr, 13:44, 5 replies)

Click for bigger (1165 kb)
(Dr.Dunno, Thu 8 Apr, 23:01, 5 replies)

(Ballymoran, Thu 8 Apr, 19:05, 2 replies)
More like

(Dick Wonder, Thu 8 Apr, 14:42, 3 replies)
B3ta newsletter 766 - out now:
* SONG - Kunt pays tribute to the People's Prince
* WEBSITE - The return of Question Swap
* SEXY DOGS - well a short Fesshole anecdote ok?
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published by rob on 9th Apr at 7pm
Best graphics I've ever seen on a PC - by far.

The new DCS world build.

This is so technically insane.

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linked to by waz4444 on 17th Apr at 1am
Art Jobs
With Covid closing museums, works of art need to find a new source of income. Send paintings and sculptures out to work.
See all 91 images (open)
set by HappyToast on 8th Apr at 7am
B3ta newsletter 765 - out now!
* BRIAN SEWELL SOUNDBOARD - Rebooted for the 2020s
* FREDDO - The biggest ever? Maybe
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published by rob on 2nd Apr at 6pm
B3ta newsletter 764 - out now.
* BAD TASTE - Fred & Rose board game (sorry)
* SCIENCE - Can you play Doom on crabs?
* CHALLENGE - Flaaaagggsss!
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published by rob on 26th Mar at 9pm
Flags, one word challenge. Redesign them, rub up against them or stick them where they don't belong.
See all 46 images (open)
set by HappyToast on 25th Mar at 6am
IMPORTANT NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIPTION UPDATE - we've just realised that the newsletter subscribe page has been broken for a few weeks. If you've tried to sub in the past and failed then please sub now. Ooh and apparently we've also fixed the RSS for those running pirated copies of Google Reader on their 486s.
posted by rob on 21st Mar at 11am
B3ta newsletter 763 - out now - read it you cunts.
* SURVEY - Did you have imaginary friends?
* NIRVANA - their "music" now improved
* KUBRICK - Now for kids
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published by rob on 19th Mar at 4pm
Advert Mash
Take a famous slogan or mascot from one ad campaign and apply it to another product. Lets mash up adverts!
See all 62 images (open)
set by HappyToast on 19th Mar at 7am
B3ta newsletter 762 - out now. Look at that, four newsletters in a row out roughly on time.
* WEBSITE - Donate every time an awful twat tweets
* MUSHY-AID - Help out an old B3tan
* APOLOGIES - To Hebtro for missing the ad last week
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published by rob on 12th Mar at 4pm
Same Director
Pic a film director and mash up their movies. ET in Schindler's List, Robocop in Showgirls, A 2001 Clockwork Orange. You get the idea.
See all 102 images (open)
set by HappyToast on 10th Mar at 10am
B3ta newsletter 761 - out now. Good newsletter this week, such excellent stuff from Monkeon and Matt Round. Also the challenge - you've all pulled out the stops and it's brilliant.
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published by rob on 5th Mar at 3pm
Really shit news about Mushybees - the C word but not the fun one. Stage 4. We're raising a bit of cash so she can spend it how the fuck she likes because she deserves it.
posted by rob on 5th Mar at 1pm
Robot Pop
Daft Punk have called it quits, so there's a huge gap in the pop robot market. Give us some replacements in the form of puns, photoshops and gifs. ACDC and Robbie the Robot Williams might be a good place to start.
See all 108 images (open)
set by HappyToast on 27th Feb at 8am
B3ta newsletter 760 - out now:
* BUTTYSTICK - Ver 3.0 released you lucky peeps
* SPOOKY TUBE RECORDING - 'The Nothing Line'
* OH GOD - A lockdown song (but kinda ok)
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published by rob on 26th Feb at 6pm
Dinosaur Internet
What if Dinosaurs had the internet? Show us how T Rex and all his mates would get on with Jurassic Spotify, Facebook and online shopping.
See all 28 images (closed)
set by HappyToast on 21st Feb at 8pm
B3ta newsletter 759 - out now.
* RESEARCH - Does buying into Spotify playlists work?
* SWEARCLOCK RELAUNCHED - Crowdsourced time-wank
* PICTURES - that move with the power of animation
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published by rob on 19th Feb at 5pm
One word challenge - Boxes. Do your thing.
See all 52 images (closed)
set by HappyToast on 13th Feb at 10am