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Best of the Board
Ding dong, your money's gone

(Le Shat, Tue 27 Sep, 18:46, 7 replies)
What's he making! Oh.
Click for bigger (98 kb)
(monkeon, Mon 26 Sep, 21:51, 6 replies)
Let's be frank about it.

(S4RK, Sun 25 Sep, 14:23, 13 replies)
Oh Phil 'n' Holly

Now with added Holly, as requested...
(plankton, Sat 24 Sep, 18:09, 5 replies)
The Arrival Of Megabel

(Ballymoran, Fri 23 Sep, 8:34, 9 replies)
hair we go again

(Dick Wonder, Thu 22 Sep, 20:05, 5 replies)

Click for bigger (1062 kb)
(pinefresh, Tue 20 Sep, 17:02, 5 replies)
NWOT funeral 'shop

(monkeon, Mon 19 Sep, 11:32, 4 replies)
It’s gone a bit far now
Click for bigger (330 kb)
(bounder, Mon 19 Sep, 8:57, 2 replies)
Can’t believe he did this with the whole world watching

(Ballymoran, Sun 18 Sep, 11:52, 7 replies)
Celebs Behaving Badly
Phil and Holly have committed the worst crime ever by queue jumping (allegedly), what worse things could celebs be up to? Show us, within reason obviously.
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set by HappyToast on 23rd Sep at 11pm
Tell you what, Liz, just do local radio - nobody'll be listening and they'll give you an easy ride
It won't be any hard-hitting questions like you'd get on Today, only a few minutes for each. Bosh. Done.

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linked to by garold on 29th Sep at 2pm
B3ta newsletter 833, out now
"This newsletter is also trickle down, in that it is mostly piss"
This Week:
* BOT - P*rnhub comments on cartoons
* SHEEP - The legendary animation is back
* QUEUE GAME - making boring into an artform
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published by rob on 23rd Sep at 11pm
"The Queen never got to click these links :("
This Week:
* CHILDHOOD AMBITIONS - did they come true?
* CHALLENGE - How are the King Charles pics going?
* SEX TIPS - well not really, but yeah
Read newsletter 832
published by rob on 16th Sep at 9pm
B3ta newsletter 831, out now
"To be viewed with your chrome://flags flown at half mast"
This Week:
* VIDEO - Liz Truss being stupid
* CHALLENGE - Welcome our new King via Photoshop
* GO ON OPEN IT - For the best of Fesshole bit
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published by rob on 9th Sep at 7pm
King Charles
There's going to be a new King, you know what that means?.. merchandise! Get in there early with your commemorative Charles III plates and posters.
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set by HappyToast on 9th Sep at 8am
B3ta newsletter 830, out now
"Radioactivity - discovered by Mariah Carey"
This Week:
* QUIZ - Tory or not
* CHALLENGE - some 1970s internet results
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published by rob on 2nd Sep at 6pm
New Public Information
Modern life is dangerous and the future looks even worse. Let's help out by making some new Public Information films and posters to warn them of the perils around us and yet to come.
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set by HappyToast on 2nd Sep at 3pm
B3ta newsletter 829, out now
"Everyone who opens this email will have opened at least one email today"
This Week:
* INTERACTIVE - Monkeon makes a swear box
* ANNOUNCEMENT - Fess(tive) Hole Christmas event
* WEEBL - Victorious in battle with Quorn
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published by rob on 26th Aug at 8pm
70s Internet
Imagine what the 70s would have been like if they had the web. TikTok would be full of Bay City Rollers fans stomping and Amazon would have half day closing on a Thursday. Show us what else you think a 70s internet would be like.
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set by HappyToast on 25th Aug at 10pm
B3ta newsletter 828, out now
"Fuck a pig it's an internet newsletter, you lucky shits"
This Week:
* AMBIENT SCOTTISH RAIL - listen whilst you "work"
* FESSHOLE, BEST OF - nearly caught up on June
* CHALLENGE - Kids' TV Multiverse Swap Shop
Read newsletter 828
published by rob on 20th Aug at 4pm
Kids TV Multiverse
Multiverses are all the rage, mixing characters and franchises or monkeying about with a shows history. Lets hit up Kids TV with the same money grabbing scam, put Postman Pat in Trumpton, imagine if Paddington hated Marmalade, or if the Teletubbies were different colours. It's kids TV in the multiverse of madness!
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set by HappyToast on 13th Aug at 5pm
B3ta newsletter 827, out now
"BREAKING: The oldest person to have possibly gone on a Club 18-30 holiday would now be 84"
This Week:
* THE KUBRICK TIMES - '2001' News created with AI
* PROJECT - Blue Plaques for less important stuff
* CHALLENGE - Books into computer games
Read newsletter 827
published by rob on 29th Jul at 7pm
Classic Book Games
Turn classic books in to computer games, give us Great Gatsby era Grand Theft Auto and Wuthering Heights Tetris.
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set by HappyToast on 29th Jul at 8am