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Best of the Board
What's this, then? 'Tories Eunt Domus'? 'People called Tories they go the house'?

(S4RK, Sun 1 Aug, 15:49, 5 replies)
Breakfast time
Click for bigger (133 kb)
(monkeon, Sat 31 Jul, 9:49, 6 replies)
New 100m sprint record? My money's on the middle guy.
Chunky guy's got no chance....

(Chumps, Tue 27 Jul, 14:18, 3 replies)
Marble Arch Mound, or Brexit Green Hill Zone

(HappyToast, Tue 27 Jul, 10:04, 6 replies)
International trade negotiations, it's a funny old game.

(S4RK, Mon 26 Jul, 15:30, 5 replies)
Dad joke incoming!

(Mr. Tea, Sun 25 Jul, 20:23, 8 replies)
Stuck in the middle with you.

(S4RK, Sat 24 Jul, 15:39, 0 replies)

Click for bigger (242 kb)
(Dr.Dunno, Fri 23 Jul, 9:02, 3 replies)
How I stopped worrying and learned to love Amazon.

(JimmerUK, Wed 21 Jul, 11:32, 3 replies)

(HappyToast, Tue 20 Jul, 22:34, 3 replies)
Bored? Think up some new euphemisms for the Sicktionary
posted by rob on 2nd Aug at 9am
A THOR Stormbreaker boomerang

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linked to by Sherbs on 2nd Aug at 7pm
B3ta newsletter 781, out now
This Week:
* SICKTIONARY - Yes, horrible thesaurus is back
* CHALLENGE - New Olympic Sports
* FACTS - Everything
Read newsletter 781
published by rob on 30th Jul at 5pm
New Olympic Sports
There are a few new sports in this years Olympics, but they're not nearly as entertaining as they could be. Think up some new ones and show us through the magic of pictures.
See all 43 images (open)
set by HappyToast on 24th Jul at 11am
B3ta newsletter issue 780, out now:
* QUIZ - Can you spot the cheapo art?
* COMPUTER MUSEUM - celebrates 30 years of web
* PODCAST - Paul McCartney celebrated at last
Read newsletter 780
published by rob on 23rd Jul at 7pm
B3ta newsletter 779 - out now
This Week:
* IMAGES: Books with titles that match artwork
* QUIZ - recognise the film from the AI image
* CHALLENGE: 'Animal Holidays'
Read newsletter 779
published by rob on 16th Jul at 9pm
Animal Holidays
Pack your trunks and hoof it to the beach, we're sending animals on holiday.
See all 41 images (open)
set by HappyToast on 11th Jul at 8am
B3ta newsletter 778, out now - this Week:
* DISGUSTING - Johnson eats Pot Noodle in bath
* CHALLENGE - Celebs in space
* HOW TO MAKE AI IMAGES - the easy way
Read newsletter 778
published by rob on 9th Jul at 5pm
Submit stuff to the newsletter - just a reminder that we write the b3ta newsletter every week and we want your stuff. That's your projects, snippets of news or just something that you found amusing. Use the form, Luke. https://b3ta.com/mailus/
posted by rob on 8th Jul at 2pm
Celebs in space
There's a race on between Bezos, Branson and probably Musk to be the first one of them in space. What other famous people should we cast out in to the galaxy? Show us celebrities in space.
See all 60 images (open)
set by HappyToast on 3rd Jul at 3pm
B3ta newsletter issue 777 - out now:
This Week:
* LISTEN TO AUDIO - to plant trees
* SWIPES FOR DADDY - Older men on Tinder. Eek
Read newsletter 777
published by rob on 2nd Jul at 6pm
B3ta newsletter 776 - out now. Yes, it's a b3ta newsletter that's vaguely on time.
This Week:
* ANCIENT B3TA EMAILS - let's time travel to 2014
* CYRIAK & WHEATLEY - together again or something
Read newsletter 776
published by rob on 25th Jun at 5pm
Channel 4 is under threat from the government again, so lets celebrate all it has given us over the years. From Countdown to The Word with warning triangles and lesbian kisses.
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set by HappyToast on 24th Jun at 9am
B3ta newsletter 775, out now:
We've written 775 newsletter and we're not going to stop now you wankers. This Week:
* WICKER MAN / BOND - Mashed up together
* CHALLENGE - Northern films (quite good)
Read newsletter 775
published by rob on 18th Jun at 5pm
Shocked and saddened to share the news that we've lost early b3tan Hugo_Rune AKA Greg - if you'd like to pay your respects, say something on this thread.
UPDATE: There's a fundraiser for his kids here.
posted by rob on 16th Jun at 12pm
Thank you to our newsletter sponsor Upshot for buying an additional month - they're an email newsletter about sport and the founder said that sponsorship went well for them so they're back for more. So please return the love (should you like sport) by signing up at https://upshot.email.
posted by rob on 16th Jun at 12pm
Northern Films
They're filming Indiana Jones in Yorkshire. What other Hollywood blockbusters should be relocated to the North of England and what would that look like?
See all 134 images (closed)
set by HappyToast on 14th Jun at 6am
B3ta newsletter 774 - out now:
* GENERATOR - You Wouldn't [Download] A [Car]
* SKIP INTRO - Tell it to fuck off
* FESSHOLE - Man loses Connect 4 to a child
Read newsletter 774
published by rob on 11th Jun at 5pm
B3ta newsletter issue 773 - out now.
* GAME - Yes YOU can be a Freemason
* ACTORS - Spinning round (not like meatspin)
* CHALLENGE - Super Mario vs. Corel Draw
Read newsletter 773
published by rob on 8th Jun at 11am
If famous dead people were alive today
What would the world be like if deceased famous people were alive today? Would Rosa Parks be hounded by Piers Morgan for using public transport? Would Supergroups rule the charts? Show us with computer art stuff.
See all 51 images (closed)
set by HappyToast on 6th Jun at 10pm