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Best of the Board
"that bitch Sue Ellen has put me on a diet"

(b0rk3d, Wed 8 Jul, 14:24, 3 replies)
Lets have a week of the big man. Give us your best Schwarzeneggers.
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set by HappyToast on 12th Jul at 11am
Penn Jillette tells the story of pranking James Randi
You don't have to like PJ to find this funny.

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linked to by notoolsovernight on 15th Jul at 11am
TV Dinners
Turn TV shows into food and vice versa: Dr Whoumous, S*M*A*S*H, Magnum PIE, etc.
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set by HappyToast on 4th Jul at 12pm
B3ta newsletter 748, out now:
* VIDEO - Shipping Forecast pastiche
* INTERACTIVE - retro Glastonbury simulator
* PHOTOS - ButtyStock II, Electric Buttyroo
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published by rob on 3rd Jul at 6pm
New faces for art
It's happened again, an amateur artist has tried to restore a priceless work of art and ended up painting a terrible face on it.
So lets see if we can do better, pick a famous portrait or sculpture and give it a new face.
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set by HappyToast on 28th Jun at 11pm
Animal Politicians
Photoshop politicians who have names that sound like animals to look like they sound. Like Dominic Crab or Jacob Rees-Frog.
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set by HappyToast on 21st Jun at 3pm
B3ta newsletter 747 - out now, this Week:
* PHOTOS - This MP Does not exist
* LONGWAVE - The Radio 4 Chill Out mix
* COMPUTERS - Made of paper like they should be
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published by rob on 14th Jun at 1pm
Statues are a pretty big thing right now. We should totally do some stuff with them.
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set by HappyToast on 13th Jun at 12pm
SEGA turned 60 this week. Wish them a happy birthday by photoshopping their many games
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set by HappyToast on 7th Jun at 12pm
Opposite Books
Take a book title and create the opposite of it. Give us your Crap Gatsbys and Visible Men
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set by HappyToast on 31st May at 3pm
B3ta newsletter 746 - out now!
This Week:
* GAME - Guess the IMDB rating
* PODCAST - Prev-covid walks to office recorded
* BOOK - How to entertain your kids
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published by rob on 27th May at 1pm
Playable Album Art
Turn famous album covers in to games, computer, board or other, s'up to you. It's the playable album art challenge.
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set by HappyToast on 25th May at 3pm
Show us your funny bones.
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set by HappyToast on 17th May at 2pm