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Best of the Board
Shake on it.

(Captain Howdy, Mon 20 May, 20:50, 6 replies)
Farajj'd in toon

(Groovejackson, Mon 20 May, 16:10, 4 replies)

(Andy_R, Mon 20 May, 2:14, 5 replies)

(Captain Howdy, Sun 19 May, 14:09, 2 replies)

(Captain Howdy, Sat 18 May, 19:34, 8 replies)
I'm lovin' it

(HappyToast, Sat 18 May, 19:27, 2 replies)

(S4RK, Fri 17 May, 14:54, 1 replies)
“Brexit, trust me, it will be jolly. Read the smallprint later.”

(S4RK, Fri 17 May, 11:22, 0 replies)
Boris Johnson putting his name forward at the Conservative leadership committee

(HappyToast, Fri 17 May, 8:22, 2 replies)

(Captain Howdy, Thu 16 May, 21:03, 5 replies)
Batman's back in the news so lets collect all our old Batpictures in to one Batimage challenge, and Batshop loads of new ones. Kapow!
See all 77 images (open)
set by HappyToast on 17th May at 10am
WebGL Fluid Simulation.
Give it the full five fingers.

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linked to by Sn0tters on 20th May at 11pm
Nice Metal
We've noticed that heavy metal music is quite angry and noisy. This is bound to be affecting its popularity, so lets soften it up and make heavy metal music "nice".
For those who are about to rock, we salute your choice of a comfy chair, slippers and a cup of tea.
See all 52 images (open)
set by HappyToast on 9th May at 10am
B3ta newsletter 716, out now - featuring a particularly good image challenge (LPs vs TV shows), a interesting toy from Monkeon to add sounds to gifs & how replying to B3ta changed someone's life.
Read newsletter 716
published by rob on 4th May at 10am
The Cure
It's 30 years to the day since The Cure released Disintegration. Lets celebrate the greatest album ever made with a Cure mini image challenge.
See all 33 images (open)
set by HappyToast on 2nd May at 10am
TV show bands
Imagine the cast of a TV show as a band. Mrs Browns Backstreet Boys, Alan Partridge in A-ha, or all of Eastenders photoshopped to look like Chas and Dave. TV show bands - Go!
See all 116 images (open)
set by HappyToast on 27th Apr at 2pm
B3ta newsletter 715 out now - if you check one thing, check out the lizards in parliament video. FUCK YEAH.
Read newsletter 715
published by rob on 26th Apr at 5pm
Easter Films
It's a long holiday weekend, what better time to Photoshop some Easter eggs and vaguely sacrilegious imagery in to movie posters? It's an Easter Films Image Challenge!
See all 52 images (closed)
set by HappyToast on 19th Apr at 10pm
Cat Albums
Cool for cats, Love cats, what's new pussycat, cats clearly love music, so lets spend the week photoshopping cats in to classic album covers and thinking up pussy pop puns.
See all 82 images (closed)
set by HappyToast on 13th Apr at 4pm
B3ta newsletter 714, out now - loads of B3ta projects including a clever way of finding innuendoes on Twitter from Monkeon, a Trump Tweet thingie and how to barter in the Brexit economy.
Read newsletter 714
published by rob on 6th Apr at 1pm
We're extending things this week, make what you want that little bit longer, books, films, music, animals, words, whateverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
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set by HappyToast on 5th Apr at 5pm
B3ta newsletter 713, out now featuring a definitive proof that Jacob Rees-Mogg is a cunt, a vegetable quiz and MORE MORE MORE.
Read newsletter 713
published by rob on 30th Mar at 7pm
We're combining two of the nations favourite things, superheroes and soap operas. Show us the Avengers of Albert Square and Batman in Brookside. It's Soaperheroes week!
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set by HappyToast on 30th Mar at 3pm
B3ta newsletter 712, out now - Newsletter done and out before 6pm on a Friday. Amazing. Also a bumper crop from the b3tans.
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published by rob on 22nd Mar at 5pm
Ridley Scott
We've done Kubrick, now we're doing Scott. Give us your best photoshop lols of Ridley Scott's films and adverts.
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set by HappyToast on 22nd Mar at 3pm