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B3ta survives by user donations.

We need cash to pay for the server fees. All that time you spend on the board costs us money, you know.

Please give us what you can afford - £10/20 ($15/$30) would be nice.

There are a two ways to pay: by paypal, transfering money directly to our account.

Pay Pal

If you don't have a paypal account, then you can click here to signup. We appreciate any money you can give us but please don't bother with $1 donations as by the time we've converted the currency and paypal has taken their cut we only get about 4 cents.

Pay Pal Donation

Please click the paypal button. You can choose whether to pay in dollars or pounds. If you've already set up your paypal account then it might be easier to pay in dollars.

US Dollars

UK Pounds

Pay Pal Subscription (New)

This allows you to set a small amount and automatically pay it every month. We like this idea a lot.

Choose a paypal option below to set this up.

$2 per month

$5 per month

$10 per month

£2 per month

£5 per month

£10 per month

By Bank Transfer

You may prefer to transfer some money directly from your account into ours. We are told that this works internationally.

Account Name: Robert D Manuel
Bank: Lloyds TSB
Account No: 12117660
Sort Code: 30 96 38
IBAN: GB79 LOYD 30963812117660 (Some overseas transactions require this.)

Donation Icons (New)

When you donate money to b3ta, we give you a little icon next to your name to show that you've helped save the web. Depending on how often and when you donate, you might be able to choose from more than one icon. To change your icon, visit the "Update Your Profile" page (at the top of the messageboard).

The icons work like this:

We have "donation periods" which are blocks of time. The first period was the first year and a half-ish of b3ta - the ones after it will probably be a bit smaller. In each period, there are one or more donation icons available - in the first period, the furtive bear was the only icon. If you donate during a period of time (or have a subscription active during that time) then you can use any of the icons from that period.

So, if you donate money in period one and period three, you can use icons from either period one or three (but not two). Make sense? Of course it does.

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