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Fancied a bit of culture today, so me and the missus popped down to the National Gallery.

To be honest we were finding it a bit dull. Until we spotted Peter Stringfellow poking out an old master.

Fantastic. The challenge was on. How many look-a-likes could we spot in the next hour?

Our second spot was Mark Williams of the Fast Show / Harry Potter. I attempted to take a photo using my phone, but the guard wouldn't turn away. Damn.

Moving on we quickly saw Macaulay Culkin. Managed to grab a photo this time. The guard was more interested in some kids stepping over the ropes.

Oooh. It's Mena Suvari. My missus wasn't sure about this one. But I'd been watching Six Feet Under this morning and was pretty sure I was right. But darn it. This is the last photo I managed to grab. The guard had spotted me and was all, "You can't take photos." Reckon they want to you buy prints in the gift shop or something.

Oooh. Fantastic. Doesn't John Leslie look like Napoleon? He was a randy bugger too.

Bloody hell. It's Lauren Harries. A mate of mind lives in Cardif and tells me he sees kids following her about chanting. Poor lamb.

One for my missus. She's all excited now. She's dancing about going, "it's in the eyes!"

Another from my missus. This is getting annoying. I'm left making notes so I can look up the pictures on-line and she's skipping about checking out the next pictures.

Ha! I get one. La la la. My missus comments that she saw Rory in the street the other day and he gave her an "old fashioned look." That's it. I'm going to caption his image with a comment about pubes for that.

More wins for my missus. Blimey. Chas and Dave. I reckon this one is the best yet.

Damn. And she keeps getting them. It's Pat Butcher from Eastenders. With this we call it a day and decide to go and buy some lasagne to celebrate.

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