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Nik Kershaw is 5'3"!!!

Women with breast implants are three times more likely to commit suicide

I am sexy cam girl ha ha. You buy present from wishlist and I love you yes?

Don't wash my sheets mummy. The smell makes me feel safe.

Zargon Isaac sitting on the grass. Zargin Isaac with his fingers up his arse. Ha ha ha. tee hee hee. Weeeeee splaaaaaaaaat!

Heeeey! My names DAVE. Dissy Dave.

Beef Possie!!1111 In the area.

Lick my stamp. You lick my stamp. It taste good. You like horse.

I bin reading the littlewoods catalogue. You bin looking at corsets.

You go out with Caroline Rushworth. She showed you her money spider for 50p.

Just think. Mr Thomas doing a poo. Really straining.

I teachers pet. I feed the salamander.

I phones up Beacon Radio 303. And requests Slade.

Bud bud bud bud. Ding.

I go out with dinner ladies. Yes.

Best bag. That is best.

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