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Yay. We've stuck up a links board. For you to stick your links on. We're currently testing it so don't worry if it's a bit wonky - we plan to iron out any problems as we go.

The Rules in brief:

The Rules a bit fuller:


Why isn't the links board linked from the rest of the site?
We're still developing it and will promote it more heavily in good time.

Will posting here get me in the newsletter?
The Magic Donkey scans the popular page looking for interesting things.

What about old links that people have posted before?
Seen it before? Then don't vote for it. We may write some link checking code at some point.

All the links open in a new window. Jakob Nielsen thinks you're a spazzer.
If you're using Firefox then install Greasemonkey and then B3tamonkey script. And tell Jakob that he's a bald miserable prick.

How do I get video to play inline?
Upload your clip to YouTube and paste the address they give you into the URL box. Internet magic will do the rest.

I can get MP3s to play inline too?
Yep. Simply stick the address to your MP3 in the URL box and it'll make a little player on the page. With a play button and stuff. Thanks to Martin Laine for the lovely flash code.

Thanks to Robtoo for writing the extra code and to B4ta for all their help

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