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Scroll Wheel Cheese

Ever looked at your scrollwheel? If you've had if for a few months then it's probably filthy.

step 1

Ordinary-looking mouse - a bit mucky, but normal enough

step 2

Let's zoom in on that wheel. OMG. What is that crap?

step 3

Scrape it all out with a spikey screwdriver thing.

step 4

Dirt, sebum, bits of skin. Yep, this is human snail trail.

step 5

Oooh, and we can roll it up into a tiny ball! Woo hoo!

step 6

Ah, all clean now. Sort of.

Do you feel ill now? Do you? Well, guess what? It tastes salty with the lingering flavour of soap.

My name is Rob Manuel and I also made a joke book

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