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[challenge entry] ta
hopefully no needles, juts lots of knives (i'll be okay as long as no one says needed, yeah i know they'll need one for stitches maybe... but thats a solid needle... kinda got a phobia of hollow things going into my skin... which was fun when i had a drip in my arm... but i was drugged upto the eyeballs with that so it was okay :D

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(, Thu 3 May 2012, 22:16, archived)
# What did you do that required STITCHES TO THE EYE?
Also: thats awesome doodlage
Also also: happy candirt dayb
(, Thu 3 May 2012, 22:17, archived)
# nothing - thats the best bit!
i've got a bubble in my eye... lemme see if i can find a picture...
they gonna take it out n poke it to see what it is :)
edit : ta
click for squimish
(, Thu 3 May 2012, 22:18, archived)
[challenge entry] am i doin good savin the threads? I have so many a doodle... i've got loads i've not uploaded yet too..
(, Thu 3 May 2012, 22:21, archived)
# This one is really nice
(, Thu 3 May 2012, 22:26, archived)
# ta :D
its a monkey with a nana :D
(, Thu 3 May 2012, 22:43, archived)
# Heh, your eye is gross but your doodles are boss.
(, Thu 3 May 2012, 22:27, archived)
# You're a poet
but you weren't aware of it
(, Thu 3 May 2012, 22:29, archived)