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Best of the Board
Johnny Corbyn

(Ninj, Wed 3 Feb, 12:12, 10 replies)

(Ninj, Tue 2 Feb, 11:44, 5 replies)
Cheer up, it might never happen

(The Hedgehog From Hell, Thu 28 Jan, 15:28, 7 replies)

(Smallbrainfield, Wed 27 Jan, 12:42, 18 replies)

(Q4nobody, Wed 27 Jan, 12:22, 12 replies)
Never forget

(spellingmistakescostlives, Fri 22 Jan, 19:01, 9 replies)

(Smallbrainfield, Fri 22 Jan, 12:02, 5 replies)
the glory days

(HappyToast, Thu 21 Jan, 11:46, 6 replies)
Mr. Ren

(Ninj, Wed 20 Jan, 10:42, 3 replies)
Bow wow wow yippie yo yippie yay

(monkeon, Tue 19 Jan, 21:51, 7 replies)
Question of the Week
"A girl who used to work for me believed that saveloys are made from fish because 'you get them from the fish shop'." Says Richard Mcbeef. He goes on to say "I was getting on for 40 before I became aware that medical doctors don't all have doctorates."

Tell us about your own embarrassing ignorance or that of others.
Read all 43 stories (open)
asked on 4th Feb at 8am
I just discovered this and had to share, so regrets is anyone has seen it before. Watch it anyway!

See all 20 popular links (8 made popular today)
linked to by DuffGardens on 10th Feb at 12am
Make it big
We're playing with scale this week. Grab a picture and then enlarge an item within that picture for hilarious results.
See all 88 images (open)
set by HappyToast on 4th Feb at 8am
Expectation Vs Reality
We're laughing at the harsh reality of the world this week. Show us how hopes and dreams are dashed on the rocks of truth. The burger in the advert and the mess that you were given. The dream life your parents promised and the job selling those crappy burgers that you got.
See all 44 images (open)
set by HappyToast on 28th Jan at 8am
Question of the Week
British Slang Dictionary
As we haven't had a QOTW for a few weeks, thought we'd try something a little different. We'd like you to suggest phrases, bits of slang you know and you find amusing and give their definitions.
Read all 96 stories (closed)
asked by rob on 22nd Jan at 2pm
New York Public Library
The New York Public Library has made thousands of pictures and posters from its collection available online. So have a rummage and do your best/worst to them.
See all 46 images (closed)
set by HappyToast on 21st Jan at 9am
Giant Pets
It's a lot of work looking after normal sized pets, but just imagine if they were 10 times the size.
Show us your mammoth mutts, giant gerbils and king size kittens.
See all 61 images (closed)
set by HappyToast on 14th Jan at 10am
Disney Horror
We're starting the new year with kids nightmares. Add horror characters to Disney films or put Disney characters in to horror films. Give us Wes Craven's Sleeping Beauty and Pixar's Chainsaw Massacre.
See all 123 images (closed)
set by HappyToast on 6th Jan at 2pm
A simple one word challenge to see us through the Christmas week and provide a healthy alternative to the rubbish we're about to eat.
See all 43 images (closed)
set by HappyToast on 24th Dec at 8am
Question of the Week
Tis the season to be jolly falalalalaalalalala, expounds Richards mcbeef. But is it *really*? Forced merriment, shit presents, awful relatives...One year my sister dropped an almighty guff in front of our grandmother and then literally pissed herself laughing. She was 18. But tell us *your* Yuletide yarns.
Read all 43 stories (closed)
asked on 17th Dec at 9am
Misunderstood Headlines
This week we want you to deliberately misunderstand the news. Read a headline and show us what you think the story is about, without examining the facts.
e.g. "Adele cleaned up at an awards ceremony"
See all 57 images (closed)
set by HappyToast on 16th Dec at 11pm
Add Religion
Experts have called for there to be less religion in schools this week which has obviously upset a few people. So lets help them out (or show them why it was suggested) by adding good and bad religiousness to everything else.
See all 38 images (closed)
set by HappyToast on 10th Dec at 1pm
Donald Trump
Hey, noticed B3tans were rather keen on photoshopping Donald Trump so we've opened a special mini challenge for the old shit.
See all 50 images (open)
set by rob on 9th Dec at 9pm