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A car.

Here's something which isn't a car:

Another car:

Oh no, why are you reading this shit? Surely you have something better to do?

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» My Collection

I think I'll get some breakfast before I start typing

I collect:
Model cars: Around a thousand
Model aircraft: About 200 in various shapes and sizes
Music: A few thousand tracks on my computer, as well as over a hundred CDs
Guitars: 3 acoustic guitars, but I want to buy some electric guitars too
Computer games: A few dozen
Pens: A few hundred
Books: Over 200
-Tintin books: 11/25
Computers: 2 1/2
Lego: Lots
K'nex: Lots
Board games: A few dozen
Train tickets: Hundreds

I used to also have a few dozen copies of Top Gear Magazine, but I threw them away :(

I will add more stuff to this post later if I can work out why I collect all this rubbish
(Fri 12th Jan 2007, 12:54, More)