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same old poop | different system

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Little white lies.

Bigly version
(Mon 11th Dec 2017, 19:32, More)

A closer look at the CGI process of Snoke in The Last Jedi

(Sun 10th Dec 2017, 18:02, More)

"Well, if there's a bright center to the universe, you're on the beach that it's farthest from."

(Thu 30th Nov 2017, 10:28, More)

Leaked - Time Magazine - Person of the year edition

(Sat 25th Nov 2017, 19:18, More)

Elite - Trump edition

Your soul per month subscription - offshore loot crates - p2w - single player only
(Thu 23rd Nov 2017, 19:22, More)

Some day, some day, some day, Dominion

(Thu 16th Nov 2017, 10:42, More)


(Fri 10th Nov 2017, 12:41, More)

The terrible twos

(Mon 6th Nov 2017, 12:39, More)

Hair today...

...gone tomorrow.
(Sat 4th Nov 2017, 12:44, More)

Sooner than you think.

(Thu 2nd Nov 2017, 13:12, More)

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