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Craig Robinson is a web god. He designs the FlipFlopFlyin site featuring the adventures of a very small pixel person called FFF Boy, and makes those lovely little pixely drawings of popstars.

And now? He's compiled all his Minipops into a book for you to have and hold in your hairy palm.

We caught up with him to ask about his publishing empire, and to quiz him on a few of his favourite things.

What was the first Minipop you drew?
This is something that I feel a bit guilty about, cos in every interview, I always say The Beach Boys. This is true, but it's false, too. I recently found a drawing of a bloke in a brown suit that is dated before the Beach Boys, but is Minipop in style. So, I guess the very first one was an anonymous bloke.

Which Minipop gave you the most difficulty to draw?
I can't think of any specifics, but there are several things that create difficulty:

  1. People with beards and glasses, 'cos putting both in makes them look like they are gurning.
  2. Anonymous indie bands. It may well be "about the music" but no one recognises four random students.
  3. Women. Always more difficult than men. Legs that are one pixel wide look like they're too skinny (like Mrs Beckham); two pixels wide and they look a bit chunky.

Have you been recognised in the street?
Only as a potential target for those people who try to make you sign up for Greenpeace.

We noticed your artwork for the Observer Music Monthly. Er... can you say something about this?
It was, in every way, the best paid work I've ever done. The final result was really pleasing, and the exposure it got was great. I got to see something that I DREW in Photoshop suddenly a few feet tall at tube stations, and sneakily observe people looking at them. As for the artwork itself, it took a week or so to get to the final template figure correct. Once that was done it was a matter of hours of Google research.

Why should b3ta readers buy your book?
Because Billy (my cocker spaniel) likes Royal Canin dog food, which isn't cheap.

Pluggity plug
Craig's book reads as both Art and a quiz. Leaf through the pages, spot the stars, and if you get stuck? The answers are at the back. An ideal present for both music obsessives and graphics nerds:

Official Site

Film: Sound of Music

"I like musicals, especially musicals with kids and Nazis."

Flamingo Facts

Animal: Flamingo

"Pink birds, can't beat it. And when they run around they look like pissed children, it's so funny."

Symantec on Sircam
Thing You've Been E-mailed: SirCam Virus

"That fucking virus thing that sends a fucking file and asks for my fucking advice.
"And lots of Colour Ins."

Rathergood Site
Website: www.rathergood.com

"It's good to know the world has mentalists out there doing creative funny stuff without pretending to be clever and without using arsey photoshop techniques."

Sleazenation Site
Magazine: Sleazenation, TV Today

"The only magazine I bother with regularly is Sleazenation. It's funny and it looks nice, but it's got a shite website.
"And something called TV Today, a fortnightly german publication telling me what's going to be on TV for the next two weeks. I was watching Goldeneye last week, and they call him 'Nul Nul Sieben' in German, not 'Double Oh Seven'. This is just plain wrong."

Amazon Review

Book: The Perks Of Being A Wallflower - Stephen Chbosky

"Best book I've read of late. Truly splendid, especially when one realises it's published by MTV Books."
"I'm currently about to get stuck into the new Douglas Coupland book, 'All Families Are Pyschotic'.

Renée Zellweger Gallery

Celebrity You Want to Have Sex With: Renee Zellweger


Steve Coogan Fan Site

TV: Mostly Comedy

TV: Mostly Comedy
"Chris Morris
"Steve Coogan
"Morecambe & Wise
"Only Fools & Horses
"Northern Exposure
and football on the BBC."

World Cup 1966 Archive

Newspaper: None

"I rarely buy one. They're all in German, and the British ones are a bit pricey out here. Although I did buy several the day after England beat Germany. The contrast between jubilation in the English press and shock in the German press was lovely."

Marmite FAQ

Food: Marmite on Toast

"No contest."

Pencil FAQ

Invention: The Pencil


Guide to Working in Berlin

Best Thing You've Done: Moving to Berlin

"It feels great not to just be another person moaning about hating living in London, hating the weather, the tube, the prices, the crowded streets, the trendy idiots with lop sided haircuts.
"It's good to have done something about it and moved to a town where trains and buses and trams are on time, things are cheaper and life is more people friendly.
"And on a creative level, it also made FFF a better place, cos I stopped making Minipops and have concentrated on having fun and letting my everyday life influence the website rather than letting it be influenced by pop culture."

Craig is planning to get some breakfast, look at some CDs, buy a few, cycle around for a while, then come back, write some emails and continue doing the FFF redesign which he's been neglecting to do for the last week.