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Gareth Jones, better known as Gaz Top, is one of those people who pops up in conversation all the time here at B3ta.

He's been on TV in the UK since 1985, but we love him best for presenting kids facts show "How2"

When we asked who people wanted us to interview, Gaz scorched in as the People's Favourite, so we got in touch, and talked to him about Carol Vorderman, trampolines and being Welsh.

Tell us your favourite joke.
What do you call a Welsh Custard Competition, a Cystadlaeaith! Sadly that joke only works if you speak the language, which suits me fine!

Why do you object to being called Gaz Top nowadays?
It's not my name, just a nickname I had as a roadie which got carried over to TV for my first 4 years. Those who know me well have always called me Gareth. I am obviously proud of my Welsh roots and the fact that I can speak Welsh, so I figured Gareth Jones was closer to the real me than Gaz Top, the ex-roadie!

Why did you give up your music career?
I never really gave it up, it gave up on me! When I started in TV I was doing music programmes for Music Box, but I still carried on recording music myself. However eventually the amount of TV work I was doing left very little time for me carry on playing myself. I would still love to record an album though, but I doubt that I will get the chance now I'm 40 I may be a little old!

What was your biggest TV cock up?
A series called "Your Number's Up" This was a game show that I hosted in Wales, I accepted it very early in my career and I think that it was a mistake. The game was so complicated that neither the contestants, nor the audience, nor the presenter actually understood it. Mercifully it only lasted one series, but it has achieved a certain cult status in Wales though.

How would you like to be remembered?
I would be glad to be remembered at all. I have always considered TV a little throwaway as a culture so I would be flattered if anyone recalled me at all!

If you could've been in any TV show past or present, which one would it've been?
Easy, Tomorrow's World or Wheelbase (The forerunner to Top Gear), I would love to have had the chance to be in either of those two shows, because two of my favourite presenters made their names and honed their styles there. I'm talking about William Woolard and James Burke

If you were in charge of evolution which animal would you make extinct next?
I don't think that I would kill any off, I would be more likely to create a new species, like some kind of Bull/Chicken hybrid, Imagine the size of bull's eggs!

Do you despair at Carol's obvious attempts at world domination via the medium of bland tv?
Hey no, more power to her, I would rather see Carol doing the work than a lot of really dumb presenters out there. I know that Carol is smart (heck she's Welsh like me) but I doubt if she has any control in what she does, in my experience you can only do the work that is offered to you.

Janet Street Porter likes younger men - did she ever come on to you?
Nope, 'fraid not, wow, we would be an absurd couple wouldn't we!

Have you ever received any interesting complaints?
Someone complained that I had used the work Pillock on Get Fresh once, they pointed out that it is in fact an old English word meaning penis. I had to see their point. If you see what I mean.

Have you ever injured yourself doing a how?
Not that I recall, but I did split my lip open demonstrating my prowess on the trampoline on another kids' show once.

Have you had any weird experiences with fans?
I still consider myself to be a fan. I have been a Slade fan since 1972 when I was 11, however working in TV I have come to know Noddy and the boys quite well, and I always get a little tongue tied when seeing them. So the weirdest experience I have ever had relating to fans, is still being one!

Gareth has an official web site where you can see a piccy of his brand new son, who looks really really lovely. Thanks to Chicago Dave, Smell Gibson, Vulga, Ann-Onnymouse, Pickled Pizza and Bazzalite for images.