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Joel Veitch, 27, of rathergood.com is a freelance web maniac based in London. Recently he gave the world the Frightened Boy animation, and the world was very scared.

"My mission is to destroy production values through swamping the online world with badly-polished graphics." he says.

Looking for clues into his weird creatvity, we caught up with Joel to ask him about his favourite things.

Fats Waller Biography

Music: Your Feet's Too Big - Fats Waller

"It's an old jazz number, it's funny. You can listen to the MP3 online."

New Scientist

Magazine: New Scientist

"It's hard science in a language anyone can understand. The Q&A is my favourite section, a 5 year old kid asked this fantastic question, 'Why doesn't the moon have a name? Can we call it Eeyore?' The answer is that there is no reason for not calling it Eeyore as far as I can tell."

Amazon Review

Book: The Third Policeman - Flann O`Brien

"This is absolutely insane.
"It reads like the strangest acid trip in history, except it's not about drugs.
"I am also a sucker for cheesy sci-fi."

Kim Wilde Fan Site

Celebrities I want to have sex with:

"Madonna, because she is Madonna, not because she is attractive.
"Patsy Kensit, I'd love to have shagged her, but she's now tainted by Liam Gallagher.
"Sam Brown, I always wanted to shag her, but she's not a celeb anymore, so she doesn't count.
"Kim Wilde & Debbie Harry.
"Basically anyone who was a celeb when I was teenage and hormonal.
"And the Fat Geri from the Popbitch-Explode party.
"However I have a lovely girlfriend now, you can kill her in a space invaders style game i wrote with Rob."


Website: FlipFlopFlyin

"I look lots & lots of times, and it's still entertaining, even when it's not updated."

Mpeg video

Thing I've been emailed: Head Explode Video

"It made me laugh, I was unsure whether the download size would effect it's passonability, but it's clearly working."

Mr Men Fan site

TV: Mr. Men

"It's what I would make if I was making TV. I wish I'd made it."

The Guardian

Newspaper: The Guardian

"If you want to know what's going on, it feeds you the news, and they once mentioned my swearotron."

Planet of the Apes Fan site

Film: Planet of the Monkeys

"It had an evil monkey, a cave woman in a bikini and big explosions. What more could you want?"

Blode animation

Best thing I've done:

"I'm torn. They are so different. I prefer Blode to the Frightened Boy.
"Monkey Invaders is still one of my favourites.
"I love the Guru stuff. I wish I had more time to do it.
"Have you seen FlipFlopFlyin's OAQ stuff has gone a bit guruish?
"He wants to set up a 'Shit is Good Summer Camp' for B3ta. 'It'll be like a gay cub scouts - but gayer.', he claims."

Joel Veitch is currently planning world domination from a secret dome under the ocean. Or spending another year or two in corporate wage slave hell - which ever comes first.