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Neil Cicierega 15, from Kingston, Massachusetts is the creator of Animutation.com.

He had an international hit with his hyakugojyuuichu movie featuring found images combined with ultra-kitsch Japanese music.

He is currently schooled at home, but says "I plan to go to college and make films in one way or another."

We caught up with Neil and asked him about his favourite things.

Weird Frog Facts

Animal: Tree frogs

"I love tree frogs! So colorful, so beautiful, and if you lick them you hallucinate."

How Popsicles Freeze

Food: Hand-held food

"I'm a picky eater... I don't like macaroni and cheese, or mushrooms, or beets, or soy milk, and I'm not a big fan of many kinds of meat, but I do have a particular trend in what I do like to eat...

"All my favorite food are usually some kind of sandwich, or burritos, or pizza, or tangerine popsicles: Hand-held food."

"I think I just hate messy foods that don't have any particular shap, and you need a fork to eat."

Tesla Coil Madness

Invention: The Tesla Coil

"Well, Tesla's my favorite inventor, and if you've ever seen a gigantic Tesla Coil shooting off huge man made lightning bolts, you'll see why."

The Ages of Consent Around the World

Celebrity you want to have sex with: None

"I'm 15, most celebrities are too old for me to legally have sex with, and most of the younger ones, I wouldn't want to.

"In short, I don't know. Either I went through the I-wanna-bang-a-bunch-of-famous-girls stage very quickly and before I could notice, or most famous women just aren't appealing to me, and the ones that are, well, I can't remember their names."


Website: www.fark.com

"Whenever I get lost on the internet and can't seem to find a place to go, I visit Fark.com by default. Half the site's success is owed to all the bizarre and hilarious articles and websites it features, and the other half is discussing the hell out of them afterwards.

"Farkers include pretty much every type of person you could hope to meet on the internet, and luckily the really clueless or angry people disappear quickly."

TMBG Fan Site

Music: They Might Be Giants

"They are a recurring favorite - however - my favorite song is constantly changing. At the moment I can't even remember what it is."

Covers of Mad Magazines

Magazine: Mad

"It's the only magazine I'm subscribed to. Brilliant stuff."

Terry Pratchect Fan Site

Book: Terry Pratchett's Discworld

"Mmm, Discworld. I'm not sure which book is my favorite, but I'm currently reading Jingo."

Fan Site

TV: Mystery Science Theater 3000

"It is an all time classic. It's got so many fans, and yet television companies treat them horribly."

Ed Wood Fan Site

Film: Ed Wood

"It is an awesome movie. If it ever stops being my favorite film, it will most likely be replaced by another Tim Burton movie."

Drew Fan Site

Person: Drew Carey

"Drew's da man. Not only is he the mild mannered star of my damn-near-favorite-show, the Drew Carey Show, but he's the goofy host of my other damn-near-favorite-show, Whose Line Is It Anyway?

"He's really a great person, and I'd love to meet him. And no, he's not a celebrity I want to have sex with, if he was I would've mentioned him when you asked me - delayed shudder at the thought."

Animutation Central

Best thing you've done: Animutation Central

"Although I'm quite sure - quite hopeful anyway - that I'll someday be known for something even greater."

Neil is currently not working on any new Animutations, and is waiting for inspiration to strike. In the meantime he's attempting to make a computer game.