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Paul Stroot -better known for Dancing Paul- is 24, and grew up in Madison, Wisconsin and now lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

He says, "I'm planning on quitting corporate land. I want to do silly stuff and get paid for it."

We switched off the music and asked him about his favourite things.

Bjork - songs remixed by fans
Celebrity you want to have sex with: Bjork

"Hell, I'd be happy just to have a cup of coffee with her, but a little nookey sure would be nice."

Rob Zombies Official Site
Music: Lots

"I love stuff with a good beat and rhythm and a lot of energy, Moby, Fatboy Slim, Rob Zombie, Tool, Bjork.

"I also really dig some of the good old stuff that you can listen to while sitting in a dark bar: Doors, Johnny Cash, Beatles, the Cure."

Startlingly comprehensive Simpsons fan site
TV: The Simpsons

"Anybody who doesn't answer the Simpsons to this question is obviously an alien or a Nazi."

Human Genone Project
Animal: Humans

"We're capable of such incredible things it's uncomprehendable."

Ghandi: Official Site
Person: Martin Luther King, Ghandi and My Mom

"All tied for first place"

Beer Portal
Invention: Beer


IMDB on Better Off Dead
Film: Better Off Dead & Others

"I can't even begin to choose a favorite here, but 'Better Off Dead', 'Carlito's Way' and 'Fight Club' all deserve honerable mention."

Free Will & Determinism - academic essay
Best thing you've done: Self Knowledge

"Been enlightened to the fact that I am the sole creator of everything that happens to me and that ever will happen to me in my life and to take responsibility for that."

Communication Arts Site
Magazine: Communication Arts Magazine

"It's a trade publication and I love it.

"There's some really kick ass art, design and Photography in there."

Amazon Review
Book: The Jungle by Upton Sinclair

"I'm a pretty big fan.

"After reading that, it's no wonder I'm a vegetarian."

Personal Stories at Fray
Website: fray.com

"An incredible site."

Stories from dotcom workers at NetSlaves
Thing I've been emailed: Job offers

"I wish I got more of them."

Snyders Site
Food: Snyder's Honey Mustard Pretzels


Paul is planning on becoming famous, marrying Bjork, seeing the world, drinking beer, growing all of his own food organically, starting an intentional community, quiting his job, doing fun freelance projects, winning another webby award, creating fantistic new movements in web entertainment and interactivity that will be heralded as the most innovative sites of their time.