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# alcohol mixed with doing too many things at once
(, Mon 14 May 2012, 19:57, archived)
# I meant USB deployed to incapacitate the /board.
I think we've finally been chemically attacked by DA.
(, Mon 14 May 2012, 19:59, archived)
# hahaha and there I was thinking 4chan were our enemy
damn you divvy Arts!
(, Mon 14 May 2012, 20:06, archived)
# in other news, how fucking rural am I?

every day for the last month we've had a male pheasant and his two lady friends chilling out in our garden.
They keep coming up to the patio door, I might invite them in for a bit of battenburg
Pheasants eat battenburg right?
(, Mon 14 May 2012, 20:08, archived)
# Experiment with the battenburg you must
Though Colonel Boris might suddenly show up in a sec and verbally condemn you to fire and hell for doing so
(, Mon 14 May 2012, 20:14, archived)
# Battenburg ?
You want Roald Dahl's rohypnol raisins. Pheasant pie for dinner !
(, Mon 14 May 2012, 20:19, archived)
# That might be better suited for peasants
(, Mon 14 May 2012, 20:23, archived)
# Sure, invite them in. Then you can make pheasant pie.
(, Mon 14 May 2012, 20:51, archived)