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# yes it was the best night ever
I wandered down to London (check out the security managing to totally ignore what's going on on stage and went to 93 ft East to see Peaches mainly but it was a Kitty-Yo (the label) night so there were some other good things on and she was on last.
By the time she was on it was totally packed and i 'd got to the front middle of the stage and basically spent the first part of her gig trying to stop myself being crushed against the stage and the second half lying on the front of the stage with some other people.
Number 20 i was lying on the stage and she came and stood over me, if i'd had a better camera i'd have got a better shot, just after i took it she leant over and i screamed whichever song it was into the mike with her for a bit.

It was totally surreal. Afterwards i went back to the other part of 93 ft east, but I decided as i had nowhere to be until 6 or 7 when the first train was i'd try and go backstage and see if i could hang out with her. (yeah right!). I wandered backstage, firstly to just get a pic with her, but i hung around and got chatting with her and some other ppl - Taylor Savvy who's another solo artist and those 2 women who're in another band. Anyway they were all super cool people and I ended up going back to Peaches Hotel room with them all and hung out all night.

Eventually meandering my way to the station at about 6am in a daze.
(, Tue 20 Aug 2002, 17:58, archived)
# and yes i regretted only getting a 24 exposure
disposable camera.
(, Tue 20 Aug 2002, 18:02, archived)
# Class
sounds like a pretty good night!
(, Tue 20 Aug 2002, 18:02, archived)
# it was fake blood but there was lots of it, she was puking it up over Taylor Savvy
That is my fave pic from the night.
(, Tue 20 Aug 2002, 18:11, archived)