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nuclear apocalypse

Nuclear Apocalypse

Total nuclear annihilation is on everyone's mind at the moment, so lets cheery it up a bit by photoshopping all songs, books, films, tv shows etc to be about a nuclear apocalypse. See the entries »

letter changed objects

Letter changed objects

It's a one letter out challenge. Pick an object, change a letter, add one or remove one and make a funny picture based on the result. See the entries »

nursery rhymes

Nursery Rhymes

Sing a song of sixpence a week of nursery rhymes, Four and twenty face swaps baked in a pie. Photoshop some old ones TOAP a few a'new Just don't forget to draw a cock on little boy blue See the entries »

modern warnings

Modern Warnings

The modern world is a dangerous and terrible place. Help keep everyone safe by designing new Warning Signs and Public Safety films to cope with the dangers of selfies while driving, internet predators and fidget spinners. See the entries »

game shows

Game shows

Celebrate the nations favourite form of education with a week of Game Shows. Invent new ones or just give existing ones the b3ta treatment. See the entries »

b3ta vs nazis

B3ta Vs Nazis

We're fighting the nazis this week, old and new. Unleash all your best b3ta weapons on them, give them a CDC battering, a gnops to the face and a jolly good thrashing with photoshop. See the entries »

clickbait culture

Clickbait Culture

Nothing sells unless it's got a terrible attention grabbing headline any more. So give art, books and popular music (but not films because we've already done that) a clickbaity twist to make it relevant to the kids of today. See the entries »

mps portraits

MPs Portraits

A delightful gallery of MPs' portraits has just been released would be a shame if anything happened to them.. See the entries »

historical video games

Historical Video Games

This week we're re-imagining our favourite games in a historical setting. Give us your Grand Theft Auto Londinium, Call of Duty:Ancient War and bafflingly popular Cavecraft See the entries »

dup cinema

DUP cinema

We're off to the cinema with the Tories best friends the DUP this week, show us what films they watch and what films they censor. Probably stuff about the gays, the abortions and the billion pound bribes. See the entries »

politicize kids books

Politicize Kids Books

Politics is really dull to kids, which is a shame as they're the ones who'll suffer the most from it. So help them understand how the world works fights by politicizing their books. Push Winnie the Pooh to the left or the right and get the Famous Five to sort out Trump See the entries »

product horror

Product Horror

There's a horror film about a haunted camera coming out called Polaroid. Hollywood will no doubt be looking to see what other familiar products/brand names they can turn in to movie money makers, so lets beat them to it. Give us a Product Horror Picture Show. See the entries »



This weeks image challenge is Buses. Celebrate joyful communal transport in all its forms. Big ones, little ones, double deckers, bendy, political, driving off a cliff, greyhounds, prison, school, the bus options are almost endless. See the entries »

the queen's hat

The Queen's Hat

Did you see the Queen's Speech? It looked like she was making an outrageous political statement with her hat. Celebrate this cultural event by designing new headgear for her Majesty. See the entries »



A week of cows. What more could you want? See the entries »

wrong number

Wrong Number

Change the number on your favourite book, film or song title to make it infinitely funnier. See the entries »

404 part 2

404 part 2

We want you to come up with new ideas for the B3ta 404 (Page not found) message. We'll take the best ones and use them on the site, so it's your chance for a little bit of internet fame and immortality. See the entries »

anti tory election posters

Anti Tory Election Posters

Make some new election posters for the Conservative party. Bonus points for printing them off and sticking them up in public, like the internet anarchists you are. See the entries »

after tv

After TV

What jobs do fictional tv characters do after their shows have finished? Show us with the power of computational image manipulation what line of work Yogi bear went in to, how Captain Picard funds his continuing space trips and how The Fonz pays his leather jacket and RSI thumb surgery bills. See the entries »

make corbyn electable

Make Corbyn Electable

Poor Jeremy Corbyn, it seems no matter what sensible things he says about saving the NHS or looking after the little people, he just can't catch the voter's eye. So this week lets give Jezzer a makeover. Design new campaign posters to change the public's opinion of him, fix the things that turn people away and lets make Corbyn electable. See the entries »

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