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the queen's hat

The Queen's Hat

Did you see the Queen's Speech? It looked like she was making an outrageous political statement with her hat. Celebrate this cultural event by designing new headgear for her Majesty. See the entries »



A week of cows. What more could you want? See the entries »

wrong number

Wrong Number

Change the number on your favourite book, film or song title to make it infinitely funnier. See the entries »

404 part 2

404 part 2

We want you to come up with new ideas for the B3ta 404 (Page not found) message. We'll take the best ones and use them on the site, so it's your chance for a little bit of internet fame and immortality. See the entries »

anti tory election posters

Anti Tory Election Posters

Make some new election posters for the Conservative party. Bonus points for printing them off and sticking them up in public, like the internet anarchists you are. See the entries »

after tv

After TV

What jobs do fictional tv characters do after their shows have finished? Show us with the power of computational image manipulation what line of work Yogi bear went in to, how Captain Picard funds his continuing space trips and how The Fonz pays his leather jacket and RSI thumb surgery bills. See the entries »

make corbyn electable

Make Corbyn Electable

Poor Jeremy Corbyn, it seems no matter what sensible things he says about saving the NHS or looking after the little people, he just can't catch the voter's eye. So this week lets give Jezzer a makeover. Design new campaign posters to change the public's opinion of him, fix the things that turn people away and lets make Corbyn electable. See the entries »



We're bored of all the old landmarks, give us some new ones. Drag old things on hills in to the 21st century through the wonders of photoshop. See the entries »



Elections are always going on, so we're opening an image challenge to cope with them from now until the end of time. See the entries »



Many tentacled wonder of the deep or crispy hooped starter. Show us your Squids, but not Octopuses, that would be wrong. See the entries »

subtle changes

Subtle Changes

It's minimum effort for maximum laughs this week. Make a small and subtle change to a famous photo, painting or whatever that might be missed at a glance but adds all of the lols. See the entries »

family photos

Family Photos

Family photos are always terrible, and yet people still upload them to the internet. Grab some random group shots and photoshop them right up. Or use your own and regret it immediately. See the entries »



Unleash your chakras and assume the lotus position, you've asked for a week of yoga. See the entries »

home made movie scenes

Home made movie scenes

Pick a favourite movie scene and recreate it with the stuff around you. Perhaps a pivotal moment from Jaws in your bath, some bmx stunt work in the garden for ET or a lego recreation of the Blade Runner cityscape. See the entries »

animal toys

Animal Toys

This weeks challenge is animal toys, toys for animals, animal shaped toys or some Dr Moreau style mashup of the two. Living, breathing, kangaroo space hoppers or just a hula hoop for cats See the entries »



It's long been tradition to mark the passing of the great and the good (and the awful and the bad) with a picture on b3ta. This is a repository for all of those tributes. When someone pops off, chuck them in here. See the entries »

middle aged gaming

Middle Aged Gaming

Computer games aren't really marketed for the aging gamer, the characters are too young and its all too fast and noisy. Fix that. Make video games for the middle aged and older market. Show us Jet Set Willy in his wheelchair or slow Sonic down to a crawl. See the entries »

horror art

Horror Art

Add a horror theme to famous art works. Show us Frankenstein's Grandmother and scare the bejeezus out of the Mona Lisa. See the entries »

space farmers

Space Farmers

Fire up your Intergalactic Combine Harvester and get ready for work in the cosmos. We're doing Space farmers this week, show us their daily routine hauling in an abundant crop of bastardane asteroid nuggets and milking the Venusian cows. See the entries »



Classic British comic 2000AD is 40 years old this week. Lets dig through their many characters and give them a nice b3ta birthday. See the entries »

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