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undead sitcoms

Undead Sitcoms

What funnies do zombies watch on a night in? Do vampires like Fawlty Towers? Are werewolves fans of Allo Allo? We're plundering the world of TV sitcoms and sending it to hell, welcome to Dave of the Dead. See the entries »



This week we're helping out the follicly challenged by crafting some fancy wigs. Show us your Toupées, hairpieces and maybe even some comedy fake beards, but lets steer clear of merkins for once. See the entries »



We've got a pixel challenge with a prize this week! Draw something wonderful that is only 25x25 pixels in size and see it made in to a fantastic blanket by the very clever Smash Monkey. See the entries »



Everyone loves llamas, so lets spend a week photoshopping and animating their fuzzy faces. And to show we aren't biased we're going to include their funny fuzzier cousins the alpaca. See the entries »

bad sponsors

Bad Sponsors

Everything is sponsored these days, tv shows, films, sports teams, pop group tours etc. Sometimes the sponsor makes sense, other times less so, but it can almost always be more inappropriate. Spend the week messing with these lucrative branding deals in ways that make us laugh. See the entries »



It's a week of gnashers, choppers, grills and Hampstead Heath. Brush up your old pictures and pull out some new ones. Show us your teeth and make us smile. See the entries »

dog albums

Dog Albums

This week we're running down the canine hit parade. Show us the albums (and singles) that make dogs wag their tails. From Pink Floyd's Bark side of the moon to Run DMC's Walkies this way. See the entries »



We really want to see those fingers. Show us your digits, your chocolate fingers, fish fingers and sponge lady fingers, craft plasticine models with your own hands or send us your finger paintings. See the entries »



Lets start the week with an extra image challenge, one word... GOATS! Give us your goats in all their horned, terrifying eyed, hairy chinned glory. See the entries »

bad advice

Bad Advice

The world is full of bad advice, be it hard to follow product instructions, scientifically unsound Hollywood plots or just stuff your parents told you. Show us the worst suggestions people have offered you. Or just photoshop Viz's top tips. See the entries »

royal baby

Royal Baby

Duchess Kate is popping out a new sprog to rule over us as we type this. The worlds press want to know all the details, what it looks like, what it's called, the colour of the hospital curtains, everything. So lets tell them in our own delightful way. See the entries »

british superheroes and villains

British Superheroes and Villains

People are crazy for Marvel and DC's very American superheroes, but the British superheroes of literature have been somewhat lacklustre. Design an impressive but still very British super goodie or baddie. See the entries »

celebrity death 2

Celebrity Death 2

We last dabbled in funny famous fatalities back in 2007 which means we've had 8 years of new z-list celebs to imagine terrible fates for. Think up hilarious and possibly ironic endings to befall our idols and bring them to life with the power of photoshop. See the entries »

photoshop the uk

Photoshop the UK is trying to photograph the whole of the UK, unsurprisingly most of the results are really dull. So go on tour, pick a favourite place and liven it up with the power of potatoshop. See the entries »

clickbait film posters

Clickbait Film Posters

Film posters are designed to lure you in, but their old visual tricks have nothing on modern day clickbait headlines. Follow this link to see how some simple changes and tricks that only the experts know, will make pictures you won't believe! See the entries »

non fiction video games

Non Fiction Video Games

This week we're doing computer games based on real people, places and things. Insert Coin(s), press 1 up and lets play GTA Slough or Andrew Lansley's Sim Hospital. See the entries »

election posters

Election Posters

As we fast approach another election the propaganda posters are starting to appear. So we're setting another never ending image challenge going as a database for all the election poster bandwagons, past present and future. Who can forget "I've never voted Tory before" or "New Labour New Danger". Fill it up with your old ones, and feed in the new as they hit the presses. See the entries »



Yay, the XFiles is coming back so lets have a week of Mulder, Scully, the paranormal and nutjob conspiracy theories. How will the show fit in to modern day, will Deep Throat contact them via the Dark Net and will GoPro cameras put an end to grainy alien footage? See the entries »

music sequels

Music Sequels

Films are always getting follow ups, songs and albums less so, lets fix this by making Music Sequels. Imagine the marketing approval and listener disappointment of things like Nevermind 2 and Return to the Dark Side of the Moon. See the entries »

cats in films

Cats in films

We're doing cats in films this week. Recast classic movies with our feline friends and rewrite award winning screenplays from a cat perspective. Bonus points for filming your own cat and winning an Oscar. See the entries »

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