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This is a question Image Challenge suggestions

We think a good challenge idea is like the opening line of a joke, say "If ads told the truth... Guinness would say 'It makes you fat, and your shit turn black.'"

Maybe you have other ideas.

We're going to leave this thread open, so feel free to add ideas at any time. BTW: Please use the "i like this" button. Your voting really helps the good ideas bubble-up, and the very best will be used in the Image Challenge itself.

(, Thu 21 Oct 2004, 13:55)
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(, Mon 5 Dec 2016, 14:53, Reply)
xmas cards, but like xxxmas cards
so xmas but rude.
(, Mon 5 Dec 2016, 10:54, 2 replies, latest was 5 hours ago)
Glam Rock
It's the most festive musical genre, features ABBA for people who wanted that to win the other week, and also features Gary Glitter for the reposts. Something for everyone.
(, Sun 27 Nov 2016, 17:11, Reply)
Xmas novelty book amnesty.
Tis the season to knock out a parody of a popular book by making it about Donald Trump or Brexit, or for Jeremy Clarkson to copy-paste his Sun articles into a Penguin Classic. My parents once got me a "Where's Boris" book - it had literally no jokes in it. It may well have been exactly the same as "Where's Bin Laden", but with a sprite changed.

Come up with the covers for novelty books, so that you then own the copyright and can thus prevent them being released for real in future.
(, Sun 27 Nov 2016, 16:55, Reply)
americanise the UK
or UKinise the USA
(, Mon 14 Nov 2016, 12:45, Reply)
They're making a comeback in holographic form, lets celebrate in our usual way
(, Sun 13 Nov 2016, 15:13, 2 replies, latest was 6 hours ago)
Post Brexit foodstuffs
Toblerone with missing peaks, Terry's chocolate satsuma, etc
(, Tue 8 Nov 2016, 11:28, 1 reply, 4 weeks ago)
The Russians are putting out some pretty good (and funny) captioned propaganda images. The UK MOD are as funny as a heart bypass, NATO the same, and the US State department has it's funny bone removed at birth. I am sure we could do better, and the winning entries should be posted on Russian Government twitter accounts :) (Me, I am oing the Admiral Kuznetsov as a tesco value aircraft carrier).
(, Mon 7 Nov 2016, 19:01, Reply)
Make the tabloids nice
The Daily Mail, Sun and Express have been working the impotent armchair warriors up into a right old tizzy recently with their nasty front pages. Make Britain nice again with a bit of TOAP, a fluffeh and a tabloid cover. Or just mock them, whatever works for you.
(, Sun 6 Nov 2016, 11:27, Reply)
New challenge
It might be difficult as the choice is limited by the history of film but what films/TV shows should Samuel L Jackson have been in ?
(, Thu 3 Nov 2016, 21:24, Reply)
Chick Tracts.
Semi-famous religious nut-job Jack Chick died last week, take his hate filled comic strips and rework them to make them heartwarming, or funny, or just plain pornographic, whatever makes you happy.
(, Tue 1 Nov 2016, 13:25, 1 reply, 5 weeks ago)
Everything's Better With Geocities Gifs has archived all the gifs that were ever uploaded to Geocities, from the days when gifs were gifs rather than videos saved in the wrong format. Add them to art, album covers, movies or whatever.

(, Mon 31 Oct 2016, 23:06, Reply)
simplify album covers
similar to how those movie ones have been done.
(, Mon 31 Oct 2016, 12:20, Reply)
How old and scrotum like would famous people look had they not fucked around with surgery.
what horrorbags would they look like if they had aged gracefully.
(, Wed 26 Oct 2016, 17:06, Reply)

(, Wed 26 Oct 2016, 10:09, Reply)
Credence sang about a "Sinister Porpoise".
By changing a single letter completely screw up the sentiments and titles of the World's Greatest Songs.
(, Wed 19 Oct 2016, 14:00, 1 reply, 5 weeks ago)
Make a horror film
Less scary. Panic Broom. Silence of the Llamas etc etc
(, Tue 18 Oct 2016, 21:47, 2 replies, latest was 6 weeks ago)
Horror adverts
You get loads of shite adverts at Christmas, but very few for Halloween. Make a horror movie an advert or make an advert scary.
(, Sat 15 Oct 2016, 10:38, Reply)
add food to music
at home I've got a 'hilarious' pair of oven gloves that have written on them rock n roll names, but turned into food, like bread zeppelin, buns and roses, meatallica, tofu fighters, birnana etc etc, illustrate them for hilarious fun times.
(, Wed 12 Oct 2016, 10:03, Reply)
Politician fights
UKIP had a ding dong in Strasburg last week. Take your favourite politicians and pitch then against each other.

(, Fri 7 Oct 2016, 10:23, Reply)
Duncan Bannatyne's Media Feed

His photos are usually very Mr Smug - let's photoshop them.
(, Wed 5 Oct 2016, 10:35, 2 replies, latest was 6 weeks ago)
Two words; Chicken Dentist

(, Tue 4 Oct 2016, 16:09, Reply)
take two people who are opposites and put them together for hilarious (it says here) results.
like, a erm, famously happy person and a famously miserable old twat bag. oh how the hours will pass...
(, Tue 4 Oct 2016, 13:39, Reply)
add modern things to old pictures?
or vintage things to modern pictures?
(, Tue 4 Oct 2016, 13:27, Reply)

(, Mon 26 Sep 2016, 13:50, 2 replies, latest was 2 months ago)
Autocomplete Puns
1. Start typing a word from a band name/singer/film/book/whatever into Google
2. Take one of the wrong options
3. Photoshop the results : Lederhosen Zeppelin, Mona Lisa Riley, Dr Whooping Cough etc
(, Fri 23 Sep 2016, 9:07, Reply)
New words©.
There must be a word for being so lazy that you'd rather spend 30 minutes hunting a torrent because you can't be bothered to turn around and get the memory stick to put the film you know you have on your PC onto it.
Illustrate new modern words.
(, Wed 21 Sep 2016, 22:21, 3 replies, latest was 5 weeks ago)

Rename a product based on one of its side effects.
(, Sat 17 Sep 2016, 10:51, 1 reply, 3 months ago)
Why things happen.
We've all found a fly in our drink but what if there was a sad tale of misery which had led to the little guy's decision to off himself?
Reveal the back story to everyday occurrences.
(, Thu 15 Sep 2016, 19:57, Reply)
Happy Birthday Roald Dahl
The great guy was 100 this week. Let's take his images and give them the B3TA treatment. It's what he would have wanted.
(, Tue 13 Sep 2016, 18:39, Reply)

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