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This is a challenge Make Everything Goth (This challenge is now closed)

make everything goth

It's 30 years since Sisters of Mercy released Floodland so that's a good enough reason as any to slap on the white face paint, shove soap in our back combed hair and pose moodily over a gravestone. Goth everything up

(, Thu 16 Nov 2017, 8:29)
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# Cor! have a repost!

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# One for the old farts

Sometimes it's better in your head..... Fun, if not funny.
(, Thu 23 Nov, 0:18, More)
# Grey and grey and black and grey. Black and grey and black. I can moan a rainbow, moan a rainbow, moan a rainbow too...

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# Bargain

(, Mon 20 Nov, 21:20, More)
# Searching Pianists... Forehead Match Found... Headswap in Progess

(, Mon 20 Nov, 21:15, More)
# Standing on the beach with a gun in my hand.

(, Mon 20 Nov, 15:28, More)
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