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This is a link post Netherwinter Nights FREE @
Ronseal (Limited time only)
(, Fri 2 Dec 2016, 15:15, More)
This is a link post Well everything's going to shit so here's 100 funny tweets
Beware - it's Buzzfeed so you will piss yourself laughing if you're British in 2016.
(, Fri 2 Dec 2016, 13:32, More)
This is a link post The loneliest bird in the world
Aside from your mum.
(, Fri 2 Dec 2016, 12:21, More)
This is a link post I've started a poetry-based YouTube channel, because obviously that's not a shit idea. I made this!
I'm too old and uncool for it to be popular, too late for it to be successful, too, uh, poetry-based for it to be cool and am making the videos with too little care for them to even carve out a weird culty niche for themselves. Other than that I'm probably heading for huge success. Like and subscribe, guys! Guys...?
*the deafening noise of crickets eating tumbleweeds*
The five poems on there so far are Camera One, Tesco 3 Lunch, It's Winter, Cyclops Is Nobody's Favourite and I Haven't Cleaned My Teeth Today. A few contain the f-word. All contain my face. Cheers.
(, Thu 1 Dec 2016, 20:40, More)
This is a link post The Beatles at the Beach.

(, Wed 30 Nov 2016, 22:37, More)
This is a link post I made this Christmas Text Adventure game for you! I made this!
Like Christmas? Like Games? Try my Christmas Text Adventure game! (It's free)

My first attempt at a text adventure, 3 months in the making, a humble affair but I'm quite pleased with the way it turned out (your milage may vary).

Warning: Contains some Dad humour, but the testers seemed to like it.

Merry Christmas!
(, Thu 1 Dec 2016, 17:56, More)
This is a link post Post explosion Chernobyl was't all that bad
You easily forget the horrors of radiation when you've got a happy soundtrack.
(, Thu 1 Dec 2016, 12:05, More)
This is a link post Not a clue

(, Thu 1 Dec 2016, 4:28, More)
This is a link post Toast Of London - Gay Porn Voiceover NSFW
Possibly one of the funniest things I've ever seen.
(, Thu 1 Dec 2016, 13:15, More)
This is a link post Evil Overlord advisory
"#87 - My vats of hazardous chemicals will be covered when not in use. Also, I will not construct walkways above them. "
(, Thu 1 Dec 2016, 10:52, More)
This is a link post The Procedure NSFW

(, Thu 1 Dec 2016, 9:18, More)
This is a link post It's my B3taday and I'll post what I want to!
13 long years lurking around here.
(, Thu 1 Dec 2016, 8:38, More)
This is a link post The Controversial Rise of Blackpool Grime NSFW

(, Wed 30 Nov 2016, 21:30, More)
This is a link post Strider gets a Xmas present
ok, i dont usually post Floof.

This dog has been in this re homing shelter for a number of years. Hes now a resident at their "retirement village". For the older dogs who have difficulty being re-homed.

Hes been there for such a long while that he now has a small fanbase.

Someone dropped by with a Xmas bag for him, and, well, its just dead nice to see it make him happy.
(, Wed 30 Nov 2016, 17:27, More)
This is a link post Homeopathic vacuum
I'm not making this up. Scoshi's link below reminded me about this - a few weeks ago I was clearing my sister's house and found a bottle of "Vacuum tablets", and at some point I also found a letter from a "doctor" saying she was treating herself with them.
The reason I was clearing her house out? She'd topped herself.
If you want to treat your headache with non-medicines and it works for you (which it no doubt does for some) that's fine, but serious psychological conditions? Someone should be in prison.
(, Wed 30 Nov 2016, 8:40, More)
This is a link post Acting with glasses. A guide I made this!
this sort of thing
(, Wed 30 Nov 2016, 15:44, More)
This is a link post Forgotify
Tracks on Spotify that have yet to be played, once. Listen to shit music all day long.

Example : Girl You're So Sweet

(, Wed 30 Nov 2016, 13:23, More)
This is a link post Pure distilled America
(, Wed 30 Nov 2016, 8:57, More)
This is a link post Moby and Steve Ignorant interview

(, Tue 29 Nov 2016, 21:47, More)
This is a link post Fun Wikipedia fact:
If you search Wikipedia for absolutely anything, and then keep clicking the first hyperlink that appears in the beginning of the main text of the article (i.e. not part of the disambiguation or the phonetic pronounciation bit), sooner or later you will always end up at the wiki entry on philosophy.
I've tried it a few times and it's usually less than fifteen links.
I suppose it's a bit like a small child constantly asking the Internet 'why?'
(, Wed 30 Nov 2016, 9:12, More)

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