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This is a question Bad Management

Tb2571989 says Bad Management isn't just a great name for a heavy metal band - what kind of rubbish work practices have you had to put up with?

(, Thu 10 Jun 2010, 10:53)
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retro fitting
My supervisor does fuck all to keep up with the scene. As you do in visual media, us grunts, we keep educated in recent software, digging for tutorials, going through exercise books. Not being allowed to play Admin at all, not even switching off random AutoStarts or fixing dead plugins. No system security, or product hotfixes either.

Which ended in a few days' loss of productivity, thanks to a long since struck down and encased wyrm. Spreading on sensitive data of industry heavies sitting on our servers. As for her, she sits in front of the MacBook, pawing, my guess, at the menu itself at first, watching it grow and recede, like some prehistoric animal at the remnant of one of the first fireplaces.

And the "recent" - well, until half a year ago, update of our nifty little Adobe toys sits in the locker, awaiting its utter and total outdatedness. Maybe in a few years time, it shall see the rattle of hard disks and furrowed brow of said Educator. Until then she has the excuse to downgrade everything we do by putting the version level at her line of sight.

We have an office "agreement" to go with something a company long since eaten by Adobe has put out. Not even the Latest, FreeHand 10 it is. So she can handle the files. So we then can have something checked that last year, when it was still okay to use "the new toys". And this, of course, we don't do too well. Which gives her the buzz of authority, pointing out faults we have learning this stuff, so outdated, it almost hurts to get used to, while working on live projects, live time pressure, quality standards, and such.

Which gives her the excuse to tell us off for incompetent. Of course. From there, taking responsibility to "take care of things". Sure thing, do take this rambling 60s cadillac off my F-ZERO race track, please. Our other boss, of course, has all her arguments saved in his "professional" memory. Help me, i am caught in a state of suspense, my chances of being market relevant getting slimmer by the week.
(, Sun 13 Jun 2010, 12:49, closed)
There's only one car good enough for a F-ZERO race track, and its a Honda.
(, Mon 14 Jun 2010, 9:25, closed)

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