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This is a question Council Cunts

Stallion Explosion writes "I was in a record shop in Melbourne, flicking through the vinyl, when I found a record entitled 'Hackney Council Are A Bunch Of Cunts'"

We agree.

Have you been trapped in the relentless petty minded bureaucracy of your local council?
Why does it require 3 forms of ID to get a parking permit when the car in question is busy receiving a parking ticket right outside the parking office?

Or do you work for Hackney Council?

(, Thu 26 Jul 2007, 10:51)
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Rhondda Cynon Taff
Mate of mine's got an old shop that he uses to store stuff. Front door, BIG front window (in two sections, each about 6 feet wide).
Council manage to reverse a lorry into it, caving in the window frame. To repair this involves replacing both windows AND the door.

Neighbour WITNESSES this happening.

Police arrive, take witness statement.

RCT denies responsibility.

RCT gets away scot-free, leaving my mate to pay for the damage.

(, Wed 1 Aug 2007, 19:45, closed)

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