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This is a question Inappropriate crushes

As a teenager I was obsessed by my piano teacher - I hated playing the piano, but carried on because she was so lovely. OK, it was because she used to wear very plunging necklines.

I even stopped practicing because the worse I was, the more she'd sit at the piano to show me how to play a piece and I could stand behind her and look down her top.

Aaaaargh. Confess your own crushes so I don't look like a breast-obssessed stalker.

(, Thu 28 Sep 2006, 10:42)
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Is age a crime...
Well where to start, pretty much all the schoolgirls in Hollyoaks, though all over 16 (one is 24+) its still a bit dodgy as they're still ultimately schoolgirls. Emma Watson who plays Hermione in Harry Potface is also very loveable, and is also legal....but caught my eye in the 1st Potter when she was about 12 :S ! One way ticket to Vietnam please.

Oh yeah ans Susie Dent off Countdown would get a bit of the old "plink plnk fizz bang drag drag bang bang bang" too.
(, Tue 3 Oct 2006, 22:05, closed)

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