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This is a question Dumb things you've done

What's the stupidest thing you've ever done to yourself?

We're keeping this one open for two weeks to allow you to get up to stupid stuff and send it in.

(, Thu 20 Dec 2007, 12:36)
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Teenage pillockness
I set fire to the tv accidently by moving from the working unit to a little to close to cooker hob whilst I was cooking and didn't notice the flames at first because Bobby's boat had just caught fire on Home and Away. Unplugged then panicked thinking water on electric no good so I thought a little water wont do any harm so got on of mum's best china cups and filled that with water I'm screaming for my mum to come to the rescue all the time. (If you've ever seen that scene in Fresh Prince of Bel Air -well it's uncanny really).

I also once decided that it would be a really good idea to see if the icicle on the window ledge if it it would melt really quickly on the lovely 70's style glass-fronted fire. It did melt and cracked the front of the fire too. Mum not too impressed again!

Then a few years later decided to have.. well, several house parties well mum was away and flooded the kitchen twice had a couple of food fights, broke the TV, killed the gold fish (noone ever owned up to shit-stained y fronts on the washing line) and invited a psycho bitch who completely trashed the kitchen and nicked a load of money off me. The one clever thing I did was make sure I was on the other side of the world when she got back and was gone for 5 weeks giving my mum a little time at least for it to die down.

Oh and I once put my knickers in the microwave to dry and set them on fire. Would have got away with 4hrs of cleaning if my best friend hadn't bloody drunkerly blabbed at my mum's 40th.
(, Thu 3 Jan 2008, 22:12, closed)

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