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This is a question Fire!

We were all in my aunt's kitchen at the back of her huge rambling Victorian house. I was only small and had wandered off to go to the loo, but given up after finding the hall full of smoke. "That was quick," my mum said after a few minutes. "Yes - it's all smoky," I replied.

I've never seen adults move so fast.

So, like my cousin who'd managed to set fire to the roof, tell us your fire stories.

(, Thu 3 Nov 2005, 9:11)
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'Nother one
Not me but a mate - a much-disliked kid from his school turned up one day with no eyebrows and a hairline about three inches back from what it had been, and told the assembled masses that he'd been held down by big boys who'd set him on fire.

After the police got involved, it emerged that he'd been planning to build a mini-bomb for the usual ten-year-old reasons, and had decided the best way to do this was to get a big cardboad salt tin and scrape off the red stuff from the heads of dozens of matches. He'd got away with it for a surprisingly long time, until one day he'd been scraping away and the matchy stuff settled a little too vigorously, and up it had all gone.
(, Mon 7 Nov 2005, 3:00, closed)

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