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This is a question Mistaken Identity

Jizzbiscuits-Murphy writes, "I was punched at a friend's party by a drunk who thought I was Russell Brand"

Well, if you dress anything like him, you probably deserved it, but who have you been mistaken for/mistaken other people for?

(, Thu 31 May 2007, 14:49)
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American Idle ...
It seems I bear a passing resemblance to winner of American Idol from a couple of years ago, Taylor Hicks (Old, overweight, grey, stupid).

It was mentioned by a couple of sad arses who were watching it over here at the time. This in itself was not a problem until I was in the states on holiday a short time after. I first noticed something was wrong when people started shouting 'Soul Patrol' at me in the street. After telling the 100th person "no, I just look a bit like him. No, honestly I am not him. No, I can't sing that for you. No, I can't sign your book/receipt/tits. No, just f*% off you stupid c*^+" I was ready to crack. Will the Americans ever learn to take no for an answer ?

....and then of course I realised the potential. Two weeks later, after many free drinks, tit signing, grapples with yankee ladies and general misbehaviour it was time to head back to blighty.

God bless America ! God bless stupid Americans !

(Apologies to all non-stupid Americans)
(, Wed 6 Jun 2007, 14:58, closed)

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