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This is a question Shoddy Presents

I have an aunt who for many years would send me the same christmas present every year. A Biro. Each year I wrote inevitable "Thankyou so much for the Biro. I am using it to write this letter" letter, each year a new one arrived.

Tell us all about the rubbish that has been foisted upon you over the years.

(, Thu 23 Sep 2004, 10:14)
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It's so cruel...
I remember when I was 7, all I wanted for my 8th birthday was a super soaker 500 or whatever it know the really cool big ones with the water tanks that go on your back an shit. I was having visions for weeks about fucking annihilating the rest of the kids on my block and laughing with a furious rage whilst I did so...anyway, my dad had promised me this present for weeks but he is a dosser, so when I awoke that sunny morning after a night of virtually no sleep, what did I see on my bedroom floor? Was it the bazooka shaped parcel that had filled my dreams for a month? No. It was a big map of the world. I thought it was a joke, and all day, in vain, waited for my dad to go "Surprise!!!" and pull the pistol out of a cupboard. It never happened, and to top it all off, whenever I've brought that scenario up in more recent times, he just goes "Oh yeah!", smiles, then laughs almost manically.

Also, once my sister bought me a wooden car, fixed to a round base. Yay.
(, Tue 28 Sep 2004, 13:22, closed)

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