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This is a question Question of the Week suggestions

Each week we ask a question. The idea is to generate material that's:

* interesting to read, i.e. we won't get bored of reading the answers after about 10 of them
* not been asked on this site before
* fun to answer

What would you like to ask? (We've left this question open - so feel free to drop in ideas anytime.)

(, Wed 14 Jan 2004, 13:01)
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Where's the spoons?
Where's the spoons?
Where's the bloody spoons?
(, Thu 22 Oct 2015, 13:51, Reply)
if an object's mass m is the same anywhere in the universe and the speed of light c is a constant
and energy E = mc2 then does the speed of light change decrease when I put my leftover kebab in the fridge?
(, Tue 20 Oct 2015, 16:38, 7 replies, latest was 3 years ago)
Chavs and Pikeys.
Tourism idiocy.
Gardening incidents (no sheds)
Train weirdoes
Anarchist cookbook experiments
School discos
(, Tue 20 Oct 2015, 13:15, Reply)
ever had a wank on a jet ski?
tell us how that worked out for you
(, Sun 18 Oct 2015, 18:39, 1 reply, 3 years ago)
ever done a shit and just left it rotting in the khazi bowl all day?

(, Sun 18 Oct 2015, 18:36, 1 reply, 3 years ago)
English teachers
Were any of your English teachers attractive?
Perhaps they had quite nice breasts, that held your attention.
Or maybe they were burst-nose drunkards with jowls like a bulldog and a fantastic stentorian voice.
Or did they die in a field?

Most of us have learnt English, but what about those unsung heroes who helped us along the way?
(, Thu 15 Oct 2015, 10:36, Reply)
Do grand romantic gestures actually work?
Have you ever tried a grand romantic gesture? Did it go well or did you crash and burn causing hilarious heart wrenching pain?

A friend of mine once proposed during a company Harlem shake video and surprisingly it worked! Marital bliss is now theirs. Whereas another friend tried the engagement ring in the glass of champagne trick and was subsequently dumped, told he had been cheated on for the past 2 months and warned to get STD tested as soon as possible.

Tell us your triumphs and failures!
(, Mon 12 Oct 2015, 22:42, Reply)
I really badly needed to wee when I woke up today, usually I don't need to wee right away but this morning I really needed to wee, when did you last really need to wee?

(, Thu 8 Oct 2015, 9:47, Reply)
Would you fuck Camilla Long?

(, Wed 7 Oct 2015, 18:37, 2 replies, latest was 3 years ago)

(, Tue 6 Oct 2015, 22:29, Reply)
Where have all the boot boys gone?

(, Fri 2 Oct 2015, 11:34, 2 replies, latest was 3 years ago)
I can't remember the last time I fell downstairs, when did you last fall downstairs?

(, Thu 1 Oct 2015, 18:26, Reply)
What could have been
Ever turn down a job or didn't buy shares that could have made you rich and possibly famous?
Tell us what you did or didn't do that could have turned out possibly life changing.
(, Thu 17 Sep 2015, 21:39, Reply)
How do I fucking swear?

(, Wed 16 Sep 2015, 17:17, Reply)
Ever accidentally possibly murder someone decades ago?
While working as a rent boy I smashed a scag addict in the face then flung him into the river Amstel, resulting in his likely death. Who do you fully suspect you might have killed while employed as a sex worker on the continent?
(, Mon 7 Sep 2015, 19:07, 2 replies, latest was 3 years ago)
Who would you like to kill?
And why?
(, Sun 6 Sep 2015, 21:10, 2 replies, latest was 3 years ago)
Can you keep a secret?
When have you had to keep quiet about something? or did you fail miserably at keeping something in confidence?

Let on about the bosses' mistress in front of his wife? Had to pretend not to know who has been desecrating the loos? Tell us here and we promise to keep it to ourselves.
(, Sun 6 Sep 2015, 13:15, 1 reply, 3 years ago)
Body Image
Is it OK to be a fat cunt? There seems to be a lot of 'pro-besity' going around. But in the long run is it more damaging? Or is your body shape/size/colour/taste no one else's fucking business?

And what about the hippo-croco-pigs that criticise slim people branding their figure 'un-realistic'?
(, Sun 6 Sep 2015, 10:37, Reply)
My friend is having his first child soon, and I recently discovered the joys of lidl quiche. What firsts are about to happen in your life, or what first time experiences have had an impact on your life?

alt: Otters? Discuss.
(, Sat 5 Sep 2015, 11:48, Reply)
Why do you keep checking this?
I once pointlessly checked a defunct web page to see if it had been updated, once a day for a good couple of weeks; I don't know why because it was shit anyway. When and why have you wasted your time checking on something defunct that was shit anyway?
(, Thu 3 Sep 2015, 12:43, Reply)
We've all had to watch something die, be it relatives, a pet, or a once popular comedy website. Tell us about your experience of death.
(, Wed 2 Sep 2015, 23:19, Reply)
Pointless vendettas
When did you last hold a pointless vendetta? How did it spiral out of control? Mods only question plx.
(, Wed 2 Sep 2015, 13:02, Reply)
(, Tue 1 Sep 2015, 22:32, 1 reply, 3 years ago)
A month without QOTW
When was the last time you went for a month without QOTW? What did you do with that time, in between hammering F5 and weeping?
(, Sun 30 Aug 2015, 23:49, Reply)
Are the mods shit?

(, Fri 28 Aug 2015, 15:47, 2 replies, latest was 3 years ago)
So does that mean I won then?

(, Mon 24 Aug 2015, 16:08, 5 replies, latest was 3 years ago)
Barbecue disasters
It's fucking pissing it down where I am, so tell us tales of barbecues and outdoor cookery/food poisoning/burns.
(, Sun 23 Aug 2015, 14:50, Reply)
How about a new question every week in the question of the week section
(, Thu 20 Aug 2015, 14:39, 2 replies, latest was 3 years ago)
How much is ringofyre bricking it over this Ashley Madison thing?

(, Thu 20 Aug 2015, 13:32, Reply)

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