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This is a question Sacked

I've never been sacked (yet)... One company I worked for made everyone redundant on Valentine's Day. The boss handed out little envelopes. We all thought he'd bought us cards and were really touched.

...but I've never been sacked. What have you done that led to your dismissal? Are you still bitter, or was it a fair cop?

(, Thu 23 Feb 2006, 13:23)
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Over expectant engineering company
I've only been sacked once, and it wasn't even the worst job.

Temp data entry job in an engineering firm, over near Sale. I was (and am) very fast at typing and claimed that I knew how to use Word. I was plonked in a room, with hundreds of stacked printouts of PCW documents and asked to convert them to Word 6.

Leaving aside the fact they could have just paid someone like Ansible to auto convert the documents (obviously I wasn't stupid enough to talk myself out of a job) I looked at the documents.

Every one of them used extensive formatting. I managed a grand total of *one* document by lunchtime - the text was easy, the formatting was unreal. There's a difference between 'knowing' enough Word to produce standard documents, and enough to include unusual text boxes and suchlike. Unsurprisingly this led to me being encouraged to vacate the premises. I cried, so did he.

I dried off my tears, walked to the temp agency, and was in a data entry job three hours later - where I stayed for 6 weeks until the job ended.

Since then I've been in my permie job (currently doing indepth programming) for 10 years, so it's all worked out.

It also reinforced my belief of never, ever, working in engineering. They expect the earth for very little pay. My current job has also taught me that working with retail is ok, but in retail is not.
(, Thu 2 Mar 2006, 14:02, closed)

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