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This is a question Strict Parents

I always thought my parents were quite strict, but I can't think of anything they actually banned me from doing, whereas a good friend was under no circumstances allowed to watch ITV because of the adverts.

This week's Time Out mentions some poor sod who was banned from sitting in the aisle seats at cinemas because, according to their mother, "drug dealers patrol the aisles, injecting people in the arm."

What were you banned from doing as a kid by loopy parents?

(, Thu 8 Mar 2007, 12:37)
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My parents REALLY didn't want me going on the computer.
When I was 'studying' for my uni resits at 19 years old (I wasn't studying at all because the course was not for me, but my parents wouldnt accept this and told me to study anyway), my parents banned me from using the computer, as it was a distraction.

First they took the mouse away. So I used the tab key on the keyboard to use the computer without the mouse. Then they took the keyboard away. So I brought a cheap mouse from the shops and used that, and posted on message boards by using the on-screen keyboard (which takes about 3 times as long as a text message and just as unreadable).

They found out again and then they took the modem away. I always knew where to find it.

Eventually they took the entire monitor and put it in the back of the car when they went off for a day trip and wanted to ensure I would revise. I climbed up the attic and brought down the monitor from our old computer and attached it to the new one.

In the end I didn't even go to my resits (I was doing a course they'd forced me to do at a uni they'd chosen for me), but when it came to results day, I told them I failed by a tiny margin. They blamed the computer.
(, Tue 13 Mar 2007, 20:26, closed)

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