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This is a question Waste of money

I once paid a small fortune to a solicitor in a legal case. She got lost on the way to court, turned up late with the wrong papers and started an argument with the judge, who told her to "shut up, for the love of God". A stunning investment.

Thanks to golddust for the suggestion

(, Thu 30 Sep 2010, 12:45)
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Box Clever
This happened a couple of days ago, and i still can't believe it.

Our fantastic company know exactly how to keep costs down.

We had a delivery of a couple of PC's to do some temporary work, that needed returning to Le France when finished with.

An email turned up 2 days ago advising a box and prepaid postage would be sent for the return of these machines. Before i could contact them and advise i have a stack of prepaid postage labels and boxes (we have these in the UK as well. There is no national corrugated cardboard shortage to my knowledge.)

They had sent a box filled with bubblewrap across europe on Express Postage.

I did a quick check on the couriers website for this sirt of delivery and the correct dimensions and weight. This could have cost over 200 euros. I know because we have a prepaid company account it may be a little cheaper, but who the fuck sends an empty box across europe!!.
(, Wed 6 Oct 2010, 16:05, closed)
Theyre French
This sort of shit happens all the time because they dont think that we, being poor "Ingleesh peegs", can sort this type of shit out ourselves. I used to work for Infogrames, and doing crap like this was par for the course. Which probably explains why they were spectacularly unsuccessful and have to be bailed out by the french government repeatedly.
(, Wed 6 Oct 2010, 18:48, closed)

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