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Give it a hand...
i was at a rather posh party at my brothers friends house, when i was about 13. the family were pretty 'hoity toity', so i was minding my manners as best anyone could when their young and been drinking wine all night. we were out at the childrens play area when i felt the urge. i ignored it - i hate taking a shit anywhere that isnt my house. but as the night wore on i was getting cramps and my butt muscles were getting realy tired. so, i ventured into the house and found the bathroom. it was huge. and spotless. i felt like a criminal defacing the place. the shit took me at least 15/20 min. i was paranoid someone was going to come look for me, as it was one of those that just wont go back, but i was just some irrelevant kid neways. when id finaly finished, it was huge, which freaked me out cuz im a very small person. i flushed. nothing happened. i flushed again, and the water started rising. i flushed again, panicing, as the water reached the seat. knowing i was getting nowhere, i had no other option but to reach into the bowl and push it through. my entire arm was soaked. i had to wipe my entire arm and shitty-smelling hand on the clean crisp towels.

I was very quiet for the rest of the night.

my appologies for length.
(Fri 7th May 2004, 21:34, More)