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THNX to Valin (RIP mate)for this
THNX to Fiend for this one
THNX to Ninj for this one:
THNX to Joe Scaramanga for use of badge..
thanx to Hekim for this "fluffeh award"

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(Mon 1st Dec 2014, 15:20, More)

hmmm............dunno.....................a tumbleful of steps?

(Thu 21st Aug 2014, 20:23, More)

I like the idea of horror furniture
occasional table of death,Killer cabinets(matching) etc

and the winner will be Sheep's man-eating deckchair
(Mon 14th Jul 2014, 12:28, More)

(Wed 2nd Jul 2014, 1:17, More)

World cream......does it get any better?

(Sun 15th Jun 2014, 13:13, More)

bit o' footie

(Wed 4th Jun 2014, 20:09, More)

.... should inspire chickens everywhere to rise up...... "Chicken Spring"

(Fri 16th May 2014, 11:51, More)

bottom one's a dead ringer for Nick Griffin

(Mon 12th May 2014, 16:14, More)

uncanny would

(Sun 11th May 2014, 21:51, More)

also early version...after ' 69 they went electric

(Sun 11th May 2014, 5:07, More)

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