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# Update: not happening
I've now been advised that on top of the $375 I'd have to pay for 250ml of the Singularity Black, I'd have to fork out $200 for shipping (it's nasty stuff). I'd also have to pay an unspecified amount in taxes and duties or whatever. On that basis, I'm pulling the plug on my quest to have the blackest black ship in the world. Even now, I've no guarantee that if I got the paint and sprayed it on the model that said model wouldn't melt when I applied the heat required to 'activate' the nanocoating - it needs to see 120 C for two minutes.

If there's anyone out there who fancies sponsoring this project to the tune of probably six or seven hundred quid, just to get find out whether it's even possible, do let me know. Failing that, Musou is as black as it gets. I'm still pretty happy with it. The two are getting mounted on a black baseplate with a plaque that has the Ford Prefect quote on it, with the date of original transmission, then inside a perspex display case to keep the dust off.
(, Wed 8 Jun 2022, 20:48, archived)