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[challenge entry] Nice backhand!
They say that don bradman learnt to play cricket by hitting a golf ball against a wall with a cricket stump.

The kids around here arent that fortunate ... they have to make do with whatever they can find ... =)

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(, Wed 24 Jul 2002, 6:40, archived)
# I'll gib J00 a nice backhand
ya mullet.

PS, nice werk.
(, Wed 24 Jul 2002, 7:07, archived)
# erk
"I dont know what this is, but maybe if i smile long enough they will let me put it the hell down"
(, Wed 24 Jul 2002, 7:17, archived)
# Shouldn't
the shadow move along?
(, Wed 24 Jul 2002, 9:13, archived)