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# clut my dear
You are very, very correct.

I do disagree that the irrationally disproportionate criticism of Israel is due to anti-Semitism though, I find that the majority is born of complete ignorance.

End of the day, who you side with is all about whether you support the country (that isn't actually even a country) run by terrorists with 'Kill the Jews' in their covenant and the backing of a continent's worth of Arabic nations who've proved their hatred of Jews consistently; or the only true democracy in the Middle East that has strict impositions only because its survival is in constant jeopardy.

As for the 'Jews manipulating the media' shite: don't make me laugh. Apart from the issue of that being based on an anti-semitic stereotype, it's also complete bullshit as the media (especially the BBC) has been found to have been heavily biased towards Palestinian interests in independent investigations.
(, Sat 26 Jan 2008, 21:40, archived)