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I'm not here any more. Sorry.

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I should be locked up for this.

I am so sorry... I really, really am!
(Thu 8th Sep 2005, 23:22, More)

Number 148.

The Talking Food Website.
(Wed 28th Jul 2004, 17:55, More)

Gotta love the senile vegetables!

More Talking Food.
(Tue 20th Jul 2004, 22:57, More)

Porn Star Fruit!

Star Fruit was suggested by VashTheStampede.
Give this link a bit of a slap and tickle!
(Sun 11th Jul 2004, 22:26, More)

Best answers to questions:

» Petty Sabotage

Petty AND Pedantic.
I like to change signs that are incorrect, either in their spelling or grammar. 'Niteclubs' are the worst, what with their 'Laydeez Nite Tonite' etc.
Recently I sent back a letter posted to me with all the errors highlighted in red pen. I am still awaiting a reply...
(Wed 4th May 2005, 20:43, More)

» Have you ever been rude to a celebrity?

I met Bill Oddie one time.
I thought it amusing to tell him that he and Noddy Holder got married he could be Willy Holder and Noddy would be Noddy Oddie. I don't think he found it amusing. You'd have thought he would really... being a Goodie and all.
(Wed 14th Apr 2004, 19:30, More)

» Things you've done when you've had no money.

In such an event:
I once stuffed some wet tissue paper up a vending machine change shoot. Went back at the end of the day; over £5 in change. Hurrah!
(Fri 8th Oct 2004, 15:34, More)

» Job Interviews

"Step into my office..."
... said the assistant manager of a popular high street video retailer, leading me to a window sill at the front of the shop.
We plough through the monotonous and usual questions until he says 'Give an example of good customer service you have experienced'. I reply, 'In Sleaford?!!!' (where the interview was) in scoffing surprise.
He faultered, and went silent. We both did. I knew I hadn't got the job.
(Thu 20th Jan 2005, 12:04, More)

» Foot in Mouth Syndrome

So many, but this is my favourite!
I did work experience at a primary school a few years ago, and was helping a little girl with her paintings. When it was done I said 'That's nice, are you going to take it home to show your mummy and daddy?' and she replied, 'My daddy died from cancer last year, and now mummy lives with a woman. Grandma will like it though!'. Thankfully, at that moment, the bell rang and she ran off!
(Wed 21st Apr 2004, 13:39, More)
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