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This is a question The Occult

The Occult. Accidentally opened a portal to another dimension? Tell us your tales of the ethereal.

(, Wed 7 Sep 2016, 10:32)
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My friend Bob had something haunting his mother's house, where he lived in between jobs and/or girlfriends. Several times a year, in the quiet of late night, a moaning sound would come from the third floor. It was faint, and repeated searches of the two bedrooms would turn up nothing before the sound stopped.

His mother usually rented out those two rooms to a boarder. One of them was rather superstitious, and the moaning caused him to pack his belongings and leave, never to return. He abandoned almost three months of prepaid rent in the process. His mother was very religious, so she requested an exorcism to resolve this. Her denomination didn't do exorcisms, but they did send a minister over to pray for the house and to bless it. (Meanwhile, Bob and I were in the basement burning sacred herbs and chanting along with punk rock music.)

Neither technique worked. The moaning sound was noticed again a few months later.

About a year later Bob and I spent a rainy day repainting the third floor rooms and were in the process of blessing them with vegetal oxidation when we heard the moans. Nothing in the room we occupied. Nothing in the adjacent room.

Bob says, "I think the sound is coming from outside the house!"

We raced down the stairs to the back door and outside. The moans were louder and we could ascertain a direction.

The north side of the house had few windows, as is common in New England, and the telephone line led directly from the pole to the a point near the center of the north wall. We watched as a strong and steady gust of wind pushed a tree branch up against the telephone wire and sawed back and forth with the wind like a huge violin bow. The north wall became a giant sounding board.

The next morning I stopped by to help Bob exorcise the moaning spirit with a pruning saw on a pole borrowed from a neighbor.
(, Mon 12 Sep 2016, 4:41, 1 reply)
We had exactly the same thing
For years and years and it was annoying as fuck, never thought it was ghost though. Surprisingly i kinda missed it when it was gone as it was a good indication of how windy it was.
(, Thu 15 Sep 2016, 20:45, closed)

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